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The Quadricycle wins. So does Rajiv Bajaj

Bajaj RE60

Bajaj RE60 (Photo: Amit Verma)

Like most battles in his life Rajiv Bajaj has fought this one in his own no-holds barred style. He has been vocal to the point of sounding arrogant, direct and has not hesitated a bit while attacking his opponents – in this case Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki and TVS Motors. I mean, how many times in corporate India have you seen a media communication like the one reproduced below:

Rajiv Bajaj: “A 700 kg quadricycle’s exhaust emission & fuel efficiency will be no different than that of a small car…Who’s going to make a 450 kg quadri that can be exported to Europe & will ensure a sustainable world? Bajaj. Who’s going to make a 700 kg quadri that cannot be exported to Europe & will continue to choke India? Tata.”

Despite the opposition, it emerges that Bajaj has won the first round of the quadricycle battle. Earlier yesterday, the Government of India approved the quadricycle to ply on Indian roads. In a meeting chaired by Vijay Chhibber, the secretary of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, it was decided to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) to include quadricycle as an additional category vehicle to be manufactured and registered in India. Only as a commercial vehicle though – which means taxi or fleet operations. Nope, it cannot be used as a personal vehicle.

It is no surprise that Bajaj is ecstatic at the decision. “It is a very profitable way to expand the 3 wheeler segment; the RE60 will soon be joined by many more similarly small, light, & low speed vehicles that will make for a cleaner, safer, quieter world. As an anti-car company we’re just delighted: 3 cheers for Indian engineering!” says Mr. Bajaj.

What does this mean for Bajaj Auto? Well, the RE60 is ready and Bajaj certainly will have a head start over every other manufacturer in the country. And the first mover advantage counts a lot. There are a few things though that Bajaj wouldn’t have liked in the decision – like a prominent ‘Q’ to be displayed on the quadricycle and its use only as a commercial vehicle. Everything else seems to have gone according to plan.

How big is the opportunity? Bajaj sold 2,26,131 three wheelers in the period April-March 2013.The total size of the passenger three-wheeler market in the country for the same period was 4,41,118 units. On the car side, the taxi segment is currently dominated by the likes of vehicles from Tata Motors, Maruti and Hyundai. That’s another opportunity. While Bajaj has said that it is going to sell both three wheelers and quadricycles, at this stage, there are no numbers to go by.

“With an innovative product that creates a new category, quantitative predictions don’t work as there’s nothing to base them on. Qualitatively this development resets the rules of the game for the global automotive industry. It presents an opportunity for those who can adapt to change & a hurdle for those who can’t or won’t,” adds Bajaj.

I believe this is still the first round. Now that the quadricycle category is open, manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki will take a shot at it. Tata Motors would need to answer the tough question – can the Nano make a better quadricycle than a passenger car?

Update: I spoke with Puneet Gupta, principal analyst at IHS Automotive, an auto forecasting firm and Puneet isn’t very confident that Bajaj is looking at huge volumes to start with. It is not that three wheeler guys will be lining up to replace their vehicle with a quadricycle. “I think Bajaj is looking at policy changes at a state level, as and when new permits are made available, as the potential market. Once that happens then volumes could be quite big. I don’t expect Maruti to enter this segment considering their brand position in the market but it definitely makes sense for Tata Motors,” says Gupta.

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it would be nice if govt would have allowed for personal use as well
Nice compact vehicle. inner spacing is appropriate for newly wedded couple. But tell me the price yaar.
We would like to have it in India before Dec.2013 as it will be safer for Indian roads and convenient for four seaters.
The so called Autos are a nightmare on the roads of any city. Not only do they slow down the traffic they are unsafe and unpredictable. Our government is been allowing this unsafe vehicle to run in the city for reasons known best to them and Bajaj. The new quadiricyle is nothing but the same auto repacked keeping the changes to minimum … . We the citizens plead to the government for the following. 1. Do not lower the safety standard of any vehicle below a standard of a car 2. Do not let any vehicles ply in the cities which don’t run at 100 km/h 3. Even if a quad cycle doesn’t run more then 70 kmph the other car do have the capacity to run at higher speed and so there is no point in reducing the standard. Don’t play with peoples life…. Think before allowing such 3rd class generation of vehicles on Indian roads…. These vehicles will keep Indias image as a poor country…. Only…
The quadricycles have been plying in European cities (France, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands) for quite sometime and they are not poor countries
Vijaykumar Ganpatrao Jorwekar
What will be seating capacity ? What will be the on road price? Are there any concessions on excise duty by the State/Union Govt? Likely date the earliest when it will b available to me?

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Balkrishna Ramchandra Walame
Delighted news especially to old persons. This should be made available to sr citizens as they had to travel small distances and are not erratic drivers.
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September 24, 2015 22:44 pm by PLN Sarma
Nice. What is the cc of kwadri cycle
March 30, 2015 13:21 pm by Ramalingam
Congrats to Bajaj !
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July 12, 2013 16:20 pm by prem krishna
it would be nice if govt would have allowed for personal use as well
July 12, 2013 15:13 pm by DHRUV LAL YADAV
Nice compact vehicle. inner spacing is appropriate for newly wedded couple. But tell me the price yaar.