The Givers and the Crusaders

Shetty travels to the new oncology hospital in a golf cart. Recently the hospital procured two golf carts to be used within the Health City complex. They are driven by women. Says Dr Asha Naik, medical superintendent, “Dr Shetty thinks that if a woman earns Rs 4,000 she will spend all of it on her family. But if a man earns Rs 4000, he will waste most of the money and leave Rs 1000 for the family. Women who are earning are more self-reliant and their children will also be self-reliant.”

Image by: Gireesh GV
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Amit Maheswari Nov 28, 2015
It was my dream to be with DR DEVI PRASAD SHETTY
since long time as a fan I was a fan of Dr Shetty again I become his fan when I saw him in TV show.
Fortunately I meet him as a fan as a patient on 12th Nov 2015
It was great time for me when I was called in his chember I was sitting just opposite to Dr Shetty in the main time he was seeing one patient and the way he was talking with patient & his father it was really remarkable moment .
It was my tourn I called towards him by his chember executive Dr Shetty called me by my Name oh it was really great time for me honestly writing that time I forgote that im a patient.
He started cheking me we were talking regarding my probleme withen 5 minute he find out my actual probleme wheras I consulted 9 renound cardiologist in some metro cities he said Amit not to warry you will be absolutely fine just continue your medicines... I was, im feeling im blessed by geting his touch.
We had some extra chat except my cardiac probleme really he is GOD OF HEART

it was verry tough for me to meet him I missguided by hospital responsible people in the hospital regarding his appointment I went Naryana Health City just becoz of Dr D.P.Shetty first I felt verry sad coz I was not geting his
Appointment after treating by other Good senior doctor but my dream and my wish was Dr Devi P Shetty only, by god gress I get the chance to meet him I got his appointment by one of hospital executives help. Im tank full to him im thank full to my first consulting Doctor im thank full to Narayana Health. No regret about missguiding and faqu promisses. Im happy that I meet my dream Doctor. Im in medical job im always there for for dr Devi Prasad Shetty for his upcoming project at my place..
He is god for pore he is god for all who suffering from cardiac probleme..
My words are less to talk about dr D.P Shetty
I was laughing alone more then 10 min after meeting him coz I was verry happy that time and was feeling blesed.
Thank you for everything
Soher Abid Sep 30, 2015
The person in the photo with the group works for an NGO called Tazc for which I work to as a volunteer. The photo is old maybe 2009 as he stopped coming due to health issues. I can provide you with the updated no of children treated at NH with photos of the latest groups. Currently our group of 25 Iraqi children finished treatment and will fly back next week. Thanks. My name is suhair and you may ask NH international division about us. And the children shown above are Iraqi, not Iranian
Subhadra Sep 29, 2015
I recently learnt about dr.shetty. He is wonder on earth. May god shower all his blessing on him because he is truly god's representative on earth. Long live dr.shetty.
Pnsmani Sep 22, 2015
Congrats to the Great Doctor for his Great Service to Humanity; I read his article on Nursing Service now; truly said that a vital element in boosting patient spirit to help quick recovery from illness IS Nursing Service ! Recall my experience - my wife was knocked down by a speeding van on her way to a temple early morning and suffered serious injuries - brain, shoulder,legs etc; Underwent treatment in famous hospital in Coimbatore; A newly appointed duty nurse looking after her did a good job - I casually chat with her and asked IF she liked the job; she replied "yes, but sometimes, when she sees patient suffer too much, her heart gets shaken much" - I told her "Please DO NOT get so affected; it is Your task to help patient improve and ANY semblance of sadness in your face WILL tend to have negative effect- keep cheer and continue task" Oh she shared this remark with her friends, and finally the Psychiatry Specialist got the news ! He called me to his room and said I gave right advice - asked my professional background, and later queried IF I would agree to deliver a lecture to Nursing Staff on role they have to Play in Patient recovery !! I was kept busy otherwise, sought excuse at that time ! But my view was shared with many more Nurses !
Glad this point is now EMPHASIZED by Veteran Doctor; it MUST be heard and action taken to ensure Training is given proper and New youngsters drawn into the field with attractive terms of service !!!
Raju Goswami Aug 12, 2015
Mahavir Jain Aug 8, 2015
Anjana Bose Jul 27, 2015
A Bharat Ratna and Noble both
All prizes are minuscule considering his work
In one word he is a person which personifies
Anjana Bose Jul 27, 2015
A walking God on this Earth
Subrata Bandyopadhyay Jul 3, 2015
Out of a very few glittering diamonds are available in our huge country DR DEVI SHETTY is one of them. Everyone of this country should propose to PMO to confer him Bharat Ratna immediately that will fittest honour to him. After that we should move to Noble Committee to confer him NOBLE PRIZE. Dr shetty is a super man and as he is a good human being and very kind hearted on poor patients etc so his basket is full of blessings of LORD VISHNU. We all prey to God for his very long life .
Shouvik Jun 12, 2015
Debdip Dutta Apr 21, 2015
The hero.....
N.g.sinha Roy Apr 14, 2015
Sir. You are Gold India & we are prpud for you

I am patient of ypu
Nani Gopal Sinha Roy Apr 14, 2015
Sir you are gold for India & Proud to us

I am Patient of you
Atanu Saha Mar 29, 2015
Sir you are the god of heart.
Parul Rajak Mar 27, 2015
sir you are a great Chardiologist.i m a big fan of yours you are the best.i pray god to keep you away from problems.
Shray Sachin Feb 19, 2015
Sir.......u r after god for me......u saved my brother's life........and gave him a new life........made by u........I from depth of my heart I respect u and pray from god that he may keep u away from problems.......
Thank you.... :) :)
Sumit Chakraborty Feb 5, 2015
sir you are god of heart
Utsha Ghosh Nov 23, 2014
DEVI PRASAD SHETTY- really a doctor with a heart
Utsha Ghosh Nov 23, 2014
DEVI PRASAD SHETTY- really a doctor with a heart
Matt Singh Nov 19, 2014
In the U.S. a heart by-pass operation costs $100,000. At Dr, Shetty's medical complex in India it costs $1300. The people of the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" are neither free or brave, but rather, foolish and weak of spirit for not rising up against their crony-capitalist system.
Manisha Bhattacharya Oct 2, 2014
Greatest among all...a God to me...u have saved my only son's life...not only that u helped us a lot to recoverhim from a critical situation, sir...we cannot forget u...
Franco Oliva Aug 23, 2014
A great doctor, a smart entrepreneur, a sweet and wonderful person: thanks India for this gift to humanity
Manika Ghosh Jun 30, 2014
It is Just like Dr. Shetty to think and act so judiciously. Indeed empowering women, whatever class, creed and background they belong to goes a far far way.
Dr. Shetty's tireless, visionary has paved way for providing quality health care to millions. SALUTATIONS!! to the noble man
S. Z. Bhuiyan (hamim) Jun 5, 2014
I want to have an appointment for Dr. Devi Prasad shetty. My 6 months daughter has 2 hole in her heart, our Bangladeshi doctor advise to do open-heart. but i want Dr. Shetty's advice & hi kind consultation. please advice how i can meet with him. I am living in Bangladesh
Response to S. Z. Bhuiyan (hamim):
Girish Nov 28, 2014
Amit May 30, 2014
nobody can be a better inspiration for a doctor like me sir.will love to be a part of your team if get a chance
Anjana Bose May 9, 2014
How does one get an appoinment with dr Devi Shetty I am based in delhi
Abdullahi M. Ibrahim Mar 13, 2014
D. Shetty, I recently saw your hospital on AlJezeera TV and I am encourage to come to your hospital for my problem of heart related disease resulting in serious panting and swelling legs. Please let me have full details including cost implication.
Nawshadul Islam Khan Mar 7, 2014
Shetty is a great man.His contribution for mankind will be remember forever.In Bangladesh we need a Great doctor like him.Doctor profession is holy profession not for earning money.
Nawshad Khan
A Asonata Mar 7, 2014
Dr shetty, i sew you on cnn, thank you for the lives you save everyday and for not snding away those that have nothing. thank you. God bless you and your farmily.
Bipul Das Of Tura, Meghalaya Nov 20, 2013
I think you are not god, but godeshwar. Allah is within you, therefore you can give life, and because of people like you we are proud to be an Indian, may god give you more power to give life.
Lavanya Mohan Oct 31, 2013
For all those people in search of GOD....he's rite Dr.devi shetty...
Just For us....
Sir after knowing about you I understud what kind of a person GOD might be...I am sure he will b something like YOU....!!!!!!
U r my greatest inspiration to become a doctor..!!!
Thank you sir.
Lavanya and family.
Pankaj Bardhan Oct 8, 2013
I am request you that please you send me your email address for sending me our medical report to you. Please send me your email id.

Thanks & Regards,

Pankaj Bardhan
Lily Musk Sep 17, 2013
Dr Shetty's work is very inspiring. How can his ideas be spread throughout the world? I think especially of the enormous needs of most countries in Africa where my late husband worked for many years.
Parag Shah Sep 13, 2013
We -my friends are very much impressed by NH and Dr Devi Shetty's good work towards needy people.
We are from Jamnagar gujrat. We are doing our best efforts to develop a good hospital and handover to NH to serve the needy people of Jamnagar district. I know it's a big task but we believe we can do this whith blessings of maharajsaheb and a good team work.
Khadija Sultana Aug 5, 2013
sir u are my role model. I reali wana b lik u sumday nd make a change in dis world nd a better place to liv. I also wana help d poor lik u
Jay Vithlani Aug 5, 2013
i am from jamnagar gurat and i visited narayana hrudayalaya before 2 years and did my difficult hart surgery.
when i was there i feel that its not a hospital or any corporate sector.
its a purely a healing station for all the patient.
they care , they gave their best in every aspects of the treatment.
its a model and we must share it more and more world wide.
its not a world class only its universe class..
bravo DR. SHETTY and his team....
Sanath Kumar Cd Aug 5, 2013
My sincere namaskarams. I am an educationist / wheel chair user;ailing from Krishnagiri Dist. I am one of the proudest Indians to have you, Dr. Devi Shetty in India. Dr. Sharan Patil is my good friend and well wisher. I was given a privilege to attend Sparsh inauguration; someone pushed my wheel chair for quite some distant, very fast. Later only I came to know that person was one other than a great man Dr. Shetty. How much I am lucky. Hats off to you for your yeomen services to the society. This video was shown to our school children which impressed them a lot.
Michael Ndoko Jul 29, 2013
This is great Doc. How can you help other poor third world contries especially the Africans?
Will you be wiling to extend your services in this part of the world?
Priyathosh Lokesh.k Apr 18, 2013
Ideas of Dr.Devi Shetty are very very helpful to the needy.I am inspired by his ideologies.I have read many articles about him and his hospital,people consider him as protector GOD NARAYANA.
Nischith Apr 5, 2013
i wish to ask dr devi a basic question
You keep talking about the need for affordable healthcare and service of the poor. When you were in Bangalore, after you left manipal hospital, you could have very well joined jayadeva institute of cardiology, a government cardiac centr which is doing yeoman service to the poor and the needy, Instead you started your own business model, that too with government schemes which could have been very well done in Jayadeva too.
I strongly feel that you have a strong business interest that is being persued by your sons in the name of affordable healthcare at government expenses. i again say, devi if you really wanted to serve the heart patients, you could have joined jayadeva, the rest is history. period.
Response to Nischith:
Vijay May 8, 2013
It doesn't matter until the needy is benefited.
Response to Nischith:
Vikas Verma Aug 30, 2013
Pl. don't discredit the person who is doing superb service to India and the world. He a is living example. Would people with Ego and self interest would have helped him in Jayadeva or shared his vision or even had a thought to serve? You may say he has his business model but aren't people benefited? It is very much worth replicating. In India government schemes are not reaching to people so infact he has taken schemes to people who are needy. What government has done with having Hospital like Jayadeva or just with schemes or Having all the resources? You know very well that our country men are still unable to access and afford quality health care. Pl. join him instead of trying to dishonouring Dr.Devi Shetty. Mr. Nischith May you live in peace and May God bless you. Carry on Doctor :)
Response to Nischith:
Preetika Mar 2, 2014
Hey Nischith,
Let me take the liberty to answer the question though it's asked to Dr. Shetty.

If he had joined the government institute you have mentioned or any other government institute in India, he would have reached hundreds of patients but with his own institute providing world class care at affordable price,he can reach many thousands. On top of that, many poor and needy patients who would have been left with no choice due to costly heart surgeries...THEY NOW HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE.

As a doctor, I can tell you one thing.There's a limit to what you can do as a physician but when are involved in management at all levels, you can truly make a difference.You can treat 100 patients in a day as a can't pay for every poor patients medicine or surgery even if you wish to. Dr. Shetty is reaching thousands of patients in a day and no patient is turned away when he/she can't afford treatment.

When I did my internship for 3 months at a rural hospital in India, that hospital didn't even have antiseptic solution like savlon.I have given stitches without local anaesthetic because it wasn't available and local chemists shop was closed for lunch.The patient was a construction worker who didn't want to miss his wages for the day so he won't wait.He would have left with 8 inches open wound and the only option was to stitch it without anaesthesia.I am not an emotionally weak person but I fought back my tears as I did it.I kept saying sorry...And the patient was consoling me saying it doesn't hurt and thanked me with a smiling face.That incident says a lot about institutes in India...I am hundred percent sure that there are worse institutes than this.

Lot of patient don't require just your diagnostic skills and prescription.They also need enough money to access treatment. Dr.Shetty is doing just that...he is giving poor people the hope and choice to access world class health care.A lot of patients don't pay anything.This is possible only because he chose to ,rather dared to think out of the box and actually do something for the helpless,poor people in India.

It's so easy to criticize others.I am a doctor and I want to be like him.I am sure many doctors would share that thought.Nischith,you should read more about Dr.Shetty's work health care system in India and actually think before making such a comment in poor taste.

I hardly get disturbed by bad comments cuz I think-to each his own.But this was such an unnecessary comment
Response to Preetika:
Franco Oliva Aug 24, 2014
Doctor, I underwrite your honest and compassionate comment. You are one more proof of the rich professional and human assets on which India (and the whole world) can count on to heal desease and poverty. Thanks.
Muthal Naidoo Feb 24, 2013
Most people in the world think they believe in God, Dr Devi Shetty demonstrates that he does.
Kogie Reddy Feb 2, 2013
I'm from South Africa . I am passionate about health care. I was so impressed watching documentary Indian Hospital. It take one mans vision to change the lives of millions. South Africa needs Dr Shetty. Keep up the good work . I will make a trip to India just to meet Dr Shetty. You are a inspiration . The documentary change my life , we all can my a difference in your communities
Fátima De Lima Franco Porto Jan 26, 2013
He`s a great man with a great heart. Please God, protect him and his family: the life of a lot of people is in his hands. Give them a long and happy life... The world needs more people like him...
Md. Naim Hasan Jan 19, 2013
Hello sir,first of all wishing you a good health for many many more years. I would like thank you from the core of my heart for giving a proper treatment to my mom Mrs Nahar Akter Nargis. After she had come back to chittagong,she told about the facilities you are offering for all. My dream is to be a legendary doctor like you & to serve the people like you & your team members are doing. Wishing you more success in your life. All the best.
Plannedparadox Dec 26, 2012
you are an inspiration to many ,sir. people who want to be doctors just for the money prospects should learn from you.
Poornima Dec 25, 2012
sir you are really great and I greatly admire you. congrats for getting the award and wishes for getting many more accolades in the years to come.
Vishala S Oct 29, 2012
The nurses at Narayana Hrudayalaya are angels in disguise! Super super care, I cant thank them enough for the care, love and smiling service they rendered to my brother. God bless Dr Devi Shetty and his team!
Keerthanasuriyamoorthy Aug 2, 2012
A smile in his face showers thousands of blessings on the child
Priyaka Jul 23, 2012
this clearly shows the power of spirituality...i really salute this great person for his service to humanity.may god bless him and give him more energy to heal a thousands of hearts that are pumping without hope
Narendra Jul 9, 2012
I am not a doctor but I think every Medical college in India should play a video about Respectable Dr Shetty - on what he has done, why he has done it, his philosophies, his thinking, a day in his life etc. I recently saw him on Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate and ever since then I have become a huge fan of his. God bless him and give him more energy and funding to fulfill his dream of giving the Indian mass low cost health care. Long live Dr Shetty.
Sri Priya May 8, 2012
Out of the common lot of people, only few r successful n in that lot of successful people, only few feel the need to return back the good things that god gave them..people like him r great inspirations for generations to come..
Dr Ashok Zargar Feb 17, 2012
Child heart protection scheme of chattisgarh govt, is to provide free surgical treatment for all congenital heart diseases below the age of 15yrs. This scheme requires more diagnostic and out reach clinic to help poor and adivasi.
V. Lakshmi Jan 20, 2012
You are a representative of GOD Sir, I am really happy for the service you provide..... GOD can't do many things directly so he sends his representatives to do on his behalf.......... there are no words to praise you Sir, you should live longlife to continue your service, that is the only obligation from my end to GOD ................I am very much impressed.................Thank you for every thing you do in your career SIR.........HATS OFF TO YOU :-)
Kehinde Chris Jan 9, 2012
you are certainly God,s special gift to healthcare in the world! lm encouraging my intelligent daughter to take after your footsteps, become a heart doctor and help humanity in the area of your specialty.Surely, this world would become a better place with few more people like u who are not driven by greed but real desire to help humanity, More grease to your elbow Dr Shetty!
Moumita Dec 28, 2011
I dont know if Dr. Shetty reads this, just to mention I am his HUGE fan, I admire medical profession a lot, in fact I respect this profession, especially if I find the doctor to be actually caring. I know he is compassionate and caring.
Dr.sarayu Nov 6, 2011
sir,iam big big fan of urs..u were my inspiration for becoming doctor..u r really great.
Ojaspotdar Oct 23, 2011
His Persona inspires us young doctors!!truly an inspiration for us Doctors and a Symbol of Hope and Life for his patients!!
Pushpa Sep 26, 2011
Sir, u r really great, I just heard ur name today only n as i have searched on google n there that it s mentioned that u travel in golf cart which is driven by woman n also mention the reason behind it...that's heart touching ...i just become ur fan by reading only that...
Salison S Panicker Jul 30, 2011
sir i am fan of urs,u were my inspiration for becoming a me doing 2nd year mbbs..thankuu sir
Sandipan Banerjee Jul 18, 2011
Sir, you are the best for heart but in our area we are suffering for a good Dr. And also a good hospital for heart care. If you set up a unit in our town then we all get a relief from many Hazrats and stop losses of our guardian. Sir, Please you think seriously about it.
Chaitra.k Jul 13, 2011
hi sir, i m a great fan of urs... its been yrs wen i dreamed to become a doctor... now i m doing my internship....happy to say u tat u r my role model.... wish to meet u once ..:)
Debraj Das May 26, 2011
Sir, I am the student of your institute RTIICS at kolkata in radiology dept. Sir u r a god. U can do every thing. At this time no one like u in the field of cardiac. I am very thankful to god that i am the part of your hospital.
Vidhyaprasad Apr 28, 2011
Dr. Shetty is a role model for many young doctors like us.. very proud to say that he is an Indian serving patients throughout globe.. He is a man with no pride and down to earth, even after his great achievements through succesfull surgeries.. hope it continues.. and serve more to the poor..
Glegn Jan 8, 2011
Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for accomodating Baby Lofter from Jamaica in your care free of service. May the Lord continue to bless you and your whole team
Sn Dec 15, 2010
You are a role model to all young doctors around the world.

Patients find solace knowing they are coming to your hospital to get cured.

Although you are mostly in Banglore nowadays, I still go to R.N.Tagore to treat myself knowing once you were here.

But recently I had a bad experience with one of the bad consultants, Dr.D.Roy there. He was very rude and was filled with pride unlike you. I just changed my consultant because I was more sad than happy, but will not stop believing in the magic of Dr,Devi!
Manoj Kumar Rout Sep 6, 2010
Dr.Shetty is a great personality and the real son of Karnataka as well as India. He is running his Narayana Group extreme differently from other private hospitals, that I felt during my open heart surgery( ASD-problem) in Dec.2009 at Bangalore.
The cost control system by increasing the number of surgeries per day, providing the cost benefit to individual patients, the service of nurses, the dedication of Docters etc are very practical.
Thank u, Doctor! it is so amazing to tell that after 7-months of surgery I am now continuing my job in production without any problem which needs very hard physical labour.
Ajit R M Aug 20, 2010
Tired nurses will make mistakes. Allow for more short breaks and rotation to increase freshness and attentiveness to patients.
Samyak Basak Aug 14, 2010
Dr.Shetty is a great man. He is a role model for my life and I want to become like him- both as a human and also as a surgeon.
Shovan Aug 13, 2010
Dr Devi Shetty is a role model for lots of young people like us who want to contribute to the health care sector. would like to work for him someday
akhila huddar Jul 30, 2010
i want to become like him, sir is my role model for my life so i am studying mbbs
Nandini Jun 26, 2010
Really i thank Sir first for giving me the opportunity to work in his organisation first. And really hats off to him for doing service to people. I wish him all the very best.
krushit patel May 11, 2010
I am a medical student. I want to b an entrepreneur in the field of medical field. I llearned a lot as a social entrepreneur from Dr.Devi Shetty. His vision helped me to know what actually i want to do in my life. I will also make my effort to make India a developed country in field of health. So get up and don't stop till the goal is reached.
Dr. Raja Sekhar Reddy Apr 22, 2010
Great man with Great vision and being blessed by the almighty god to carry on with his wonderful deeds. We need few more like Dr. Devishetty and our country will become a developed nation sooner than expected, and also a role model for other countries in the rest of the world.

- Dr. Raja Sekhar Reddy
Dr. Raja Sekhar Reddy Apr 22, 2010
Great man with Great vision and being blessed by the almighty god to carry on with his wonderful deeds. We need few more like Dr. Devishetty and our country will become a developed nation sooner than expected, and also a role model for other countries in the rest of the world.

Dr. Raja Sekhar Reddy
dr basava prabhu Nov 4, 2009
he s a role model for me
soumyadeep mukherjee Aug 14, 2009
god has sent him to heal the world
perhaps rarest of the rare get this opportunity.he's not an ordinary human being,a born surgeon.
jennifer Jul 28, 2009
my daughter was operated in 2005. i can never afford a heart surgery. Dr. Shetty is a miracle from God.
dilip Jul 12, 2009
i salute Dr.shetty after watching slide show

wonderful project handeled professionally,humanly , religiously,scientifically and we are proud of him
Manish sethia Jul 9, 2009
I am the one who was operated by Dr. Devy Shetty himself. I know he has magic in his hands. He is god.
Jayaram Shetty Jul 8, 2009
Dr. Devi Shetty is a God given gift to serve the poor people of the world.His mission is simple and noble
Samarpananand Jul 7, 2009
exceptional...wish more people could use their time as judiciously
Samarpananand Jul 7, 2009
mmmm...not sure if I agree totally yet I understand the point.....yet you see the ward robe Jayalalita has or the shoes collection of the wife of the philipino pres....please do not make such statements on gender...yet I understand the point
Samarpananand Jul 7, 2009
ingenious....wish others can think similarly
Samarpananand Jul 7, 2009
Ingenius ideas; great minds....marvellous pix
Sk. Moinuddin (Sumon) Jan 27, 2010
Please let me know The Doctor Devi Shetty's contact address in Kolkata. I have a patient in Bangladesh. We want to meet with him.
dr sanjay kini Feb 4, 2010
i had taken his autograph when he had come to our college KIMS, hubli.. i was very excited speaking to this great personality.
pankaj shukla Feb 11, 2010
may i know the address of dr.devi setty of calcutta and bangalore and also his phone numbers?if it is possible then please kindle reply in my mail
Response to pankaj shukla:
Rajender Sharma Sep 13, 2015
Sir aap saksaat bhagwan hai, wish you aap hazaro saal jiyen or isi terh garibo ki seva kerte rahein, jai hind salute sir