The Givers and the Crusaders


1. The top 7 account for 41% of the wealth. Last year, the top 7 accounted for 48%. In general, this shows that there is a softening of the Power Law, which states that 80% of the wealth is with 20% of the people.
2. Gautam Adani’s wealth has grown by 67% from last year — the highest growth among the seven. At 48, he is also the youngest billionaire in the list.
3. There are three graduates, two MBAs and one post graduate among the top 7.
4. Two are steel barons. Lakshmi Mittal and Savitri Jindal account for 13% of the total wealth.

Image by: Lakshmi Mittal: Reuters; Savitri Jindal: Madhu Kapparth for Forbes India
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Comments (4)
Rahul Apr 11, 2013
In India, wealth hoarding is a big issue. Too many people are earning too much, while much too many are earning too less. Increasing gap b/w wealthy and poor section is clearly visible
Sudha Mattoo Sep 22, 2011
Rich people have also seen the hardships. I do not know whether they remember that or not but they should help the poor people by giving them shelter and food.
Mahantesh Nov 24, 2010
Great job.
Balajis Oct 12, 2010
Dude, you are the ignoramus. soap, oil etc account for less than 10% of Wipro's revenues. Wipro is truly a software company and not a manufacturing co.
Amit Pandeya Oct 12, 2010
"There is only one billionaire, Azim Premji, who is from the non-manufacturing sector, i.e., software."..Dude, Wipro makes Soaps, lightbulbs, diapers etc..Whoeever made this Slideshow is a huge ignoramus