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Dec 28, 2012
Dedicated lane not width of the road is the crucial factor in BRT.
One needs mass transport for carrying large number of people on narrow roads without being forced to demolish houses on both sides, so BRT (can be) a good option. If the road width is REALLY a major issue, the better solution is not to stop the bus (whether BRT or not) but the personal automobile as that is the most inefficient way of transporting people. That\'s why there are often options such as these in some cities with narrow streets.
-- BRT in both directions and personal automobiles in one direction,
but always space for the pedestrians (and usually also for cyclists)
-- Only BRT lanes (no personal auto vehicles)
-- Pedestrian zones. Turn the street into auto vehicle free (pedestrian and cycling only) streets.
The perception that WIDE roads are essential for BRT is more a result of our hangover from the days where transportation planners believed \"Wider the roads, better it is\". Thankfully this is not the case any more, but many continue to be under the influence of old ideas.
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