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The man Vs The machines

A bestseller about predatory high-speed trading made Brad Katsuyama a folk hero. His new platform, IEX, is poised to make him millions
  • Like all fads, Crocs soared—and crashed—based on hype. A new CEO is focusing on (gasp!) the product
    Erin Carlyle
  • As the biotech market boils over, prodigy Vivek Ramaswamy is engineering a flurry of deals that rescue drugs forgotten by the big firms. It might make him a billionaire at 30
    Matthew Herper, Nathan Vardi
  • Great ideas can arrive in a moment of inspiration, plucked out of the ether fully formed. More often, though, the muses don’t pick up the phone. Innovation is mess and toil, and often found outside ...
  • Three data whizzes from inside LinkedIn have spun out into one of the hottest little companies in tech
    Alex Konrad
  • Elon Musk has inherited Steve Jobs's mantle as the cult favourite CEO. And his electric car company has grabbed Apple's creative crown. An inside look at the world's most innovative company
    Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, Nathan Furr
  • In Silicon Valley, brilliant coding and engineering is a given. The real value added, increasingly, comes from the people who can sell and humanise. Which is why tech startups suddenly crave liberal a...
    George Anders
  • As app development explodes on campuses, three Tufts undergrads may have just created an Instagram for music lovers
    Denali Tietjen
  • The best colleges on the list
    Caroline Howard
  • Small liberal arts colleges in US are reinventing themselves as entrepreneur hatcheries—both for billion-dollar startups and social change makers
    Liyan Chen
  • The hucksters who once preyed on underwater mortgage holders have a new set of victims—those sinking under student loans
    John F Wasik
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