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Jackie Chan: Big bucks for big brother

The most powerful person in the Chinese film industry? Martial arts legend Jackie Chan, who has combined a government perch with a capitalist's attitude to make himself extremely rich
  • High-flying tech companies face constant staffing challenges. Airbnb's process kills the chaos
    George Anders
  • China's tech giants—Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent—are quietly ploughing billions into America's hottest startups. Their goal: Slit each other's throats back home. The result: Astounding valuations for a...
    Liyan Chen
  • SHI International is the largest woman-owned business in America, and it's made Thai Lee a billionaire. She'd rather you not call her that
    David M Ewalt
  • Improbable invented a new way to simulate almost any complex system in software. Warriors, gamers and economists are extremely interested
    Parmy Olson
  • At 34, Frank Wang has turned his dream of flying robots into the world's biggest drone company—and a $4.5 billion fortune. Now, as the market for his devices explodes, his old colleague is tryin...
    Ryan Mac, Heng Shao, Frank Bi
  • Decades of science fiction movies have trained us to fear robots: They will enslave us. Wipe us out. Take our jobs. In real life, humans and machines are teaching each other how to do more together th...
    Alex Knapp
  • Actress Jessica Alba has quickly built a personal $200 million fortune, and she's done it the hard way, in a field that has nothing to do with showbiz
    Clare O’Connor
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, entertainers, designers and even an author make it to the exclusive club
  • A dozen years ago touchscreen pioneer David Caldwell narrowly missed a chance to revolutionise consumer electronics. Can his latest invention bring redemption?
    Joann Muller
  • If you could expose every flaw on every website, all at once, wouldn't that be a good thing? Not everyone agrees
    Thomas Fox-Brewster
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