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As Sam Jul 11, 2013
Good that food from Assam has made this list. But seriously, "aHomiya"?? First you think that Assamese food is a "derivative" of Bengali food. Nothing could be further from the truth. You sound like those British who think "curry" is something they invented. Grow up! And then you add insult to injury by murdering our dear voiceless velar fricative (check wikipedia, or try pronouncing the Lochness monster correctly while you are at it) by calling it an H? Stop trying to speak about something you don't understand. You would be better placed to make some reasonable comments about "aloor poshto" than the exquisite cuisine of Assam that's derived very differently from that in Bengal. In other words, do your homework!!
Ozzasia Jul 10, 2013
Great to see Assamese food in the list. It is something I have been eating for a long time. Even the other states of Northeast have incredible cuisine, such as that of the Khasi and the Naga tribes. For gastronomic tours to the region, contact us at
Sunanda Khargharia Baruah Jul 10, 2013
Forbes..first of all thanks for counting our "Oxomiya" cusine in your list..but the facts could be more correct.We are all proud to have this cusine as a part of our household and we can eat this dish almost everyday...
Eureka Bharali Jul 10, 2013
The article reminds me of an instance, where someone I know commented Guwahati is in Kolkata and not in Assam beacuse Guwahati is not in North East. Humor aside, it highlights the ignorance of many about the state and the culture within. The reason why Ahomiya isn't right is because it reflects only a part of the Assamese community - the "Ahom." Though, I feel Ahomiya in this article is used to refer to the food habits of the entire north east instead of being particularly focused on the traditional Assamese cuisine.

But I am happy to see the initiative taken by the writer to address this will-o'-the-wisp with great potential. It's nice to know that cuisine explorers are taking interest in the region, but a little more research would have helped in getting some facts right.
Ambika Jan 15, 2013
I run a catering service with my sisters, we're so happy to see Coorg food getting the attention it deserves!
Zeeshan Nofil Jan 10, 2013
It is quite nice to see that Assamese cuisine is getting recognized. I can see that it is still "Ahomiya"s to the exploratory writer. Whilst the writer may have written this article in complete neutral humour, it extends us to the stark but subtle regional point of view of getting discovered (albeit mispronounced). Well, thanks for noticing the will-o'-the-wispiness of "Ahomiya" cuisine. I guess "Ahomiya" is a small anthropological adventure that can be pardoned, on the writer's part. Nevertheless, thanks for this article on Oxomiya cuisine.
Sidu Ponnappa Jan 4, 2013
My late aunt's book on Kodava cuisine is pretty comprehensive, so if you're looking for a book of recipes look up "The Essential Kodava Cookbook" by C.B. Muthamma and P.Gangamma Bopanna.

It's out of print in India, unfortunately, but still available on Amazon.
Promit Hatikakoty Jan 4, 2013
Though I appreciate the article, and feel proud to see "Ahomia" cuisine making it to top-3, I would like to correct the editors that "Ahomia" cuisine is actually called "Oxomia" or "Assamese" cuisine and its from the North Eastern state of Assam. Thus the statement "For a Bengali..." is incorrect, and should have been "For an Assamese..."

I am surprised to see the errors in the reputed Forbes.
Lirish Jan 3, 2013
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Kaveri.ponnapa Jan 3, 2013
It's wonderful to see the rich and varied cuisine from our tiny community featured here, getting the attention it so richly deserves. And even better, the focus here shifts to the wealth of dishes that are usually overshadowed by pandi curry. As someone who has been writing extensively on the traditional food of Coorg for a long time, I really appreciate this!
Ranjit Jan 3, 2013
We all should try these taste of Indians foods. All foods have there own quality.
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