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While the full vision of his broadband-enabled India will only emerge over time, his ambition is to become the most powerful data player in the country
Ishwar Feb 5, 2013
Very good article!!!!
I wonder why Reliance opted for TDD over FDD version of LTE.Although VoLTE problem would be solved by CS Fallback given that they have wide 2G coverage over rural India.
Bhavendra Jan 19, 2013
I wonder why they bought Extramarks when they had 'Topper Learning' in their portfolio after the deal with Network18.
Amrendra Kumar Saha Dec 28, 2012
Reliance group has mastery about the Process to create the demand for their Products. They are also aware of the fact that Indians are price conscious and always willing to purchase without having actual need. Most of Indians, except the younger generation, are not habitual to data usage but when the data shall be available at affordable price then usage pattern shall be on increasing trend as had happened in case of Voice service availability at cheapest rate in India.

This Business Model requires high initial investment with negligible return but very good return at later stage. Reliance Industry is capable for operating this model and I am sure it shall be tough time for other Service Provider but shall be special gift to Indian Consumers.
Mohan Kamath Dec 28, 2012
These are similar noises which existed even with 3G launch.
The opportunity for broadband to change the way we work or do things exists and there is no doubt.

The Question is are biz houses yet ready for the BIG change in the way we function or do things. 3G came; stayed, left?
Shravan Rungta Dec 28, 2012
Given the fact that India has a pathetic physical infrastructure and a booming service sector.................REAL High Speed 4G broadband network could alter / ignite / supercharge a lot of different industries.

Hoping this happens before Economy sinks further down.
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