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Mother Teresa’s legacy of compassion finds itself under a very critical public scanner today
Jamie Edgar Sep 2, 2016
This seems like extreme criticism for someone who died almost 20 years ago. There are many things churches do that I don't agree with, but blaming someone for problems in their charity so long after her death is just cruel and makes the person doing the blaming appear to be media hoaring.
Bb May 31, 2012
Leave the Missionaries of Charity alone. They do more work that is needed in one hour than most people can claim to do in their entire lives. It is a sad day when people who can do nothing other than criticise point fingers at those who quietly go about giving endlessly of themselves.
Response to Bb:
Anthony Aug 12, 2013
No, it is a sad day when people don't hold those in charge accountable. Unclean needles are likely to infect someone with a serious illness. Besides the undo suffering that was extended in the name of Jesus, how many people lost their lives to these conditions? The donations were intended to help these sick people and to improve both their medical equipment and staff.
Ignoring the intention of the money donated and ignoring the needs of these sick people is immoral and fraudulent. MT doing this in the name of God gave here the freedom to do as she please, not God or even the donators.
It is a sad day when you would defend the Missionaries of Charity without any facts to show their charity isn't just prolonging suffering, pain and poverty. If MT did keep excess funds in the bank while basic needs were not being met in her clinics, then she is guilty of fraud and should be sentenced to jail for an extended period of not for life because her actions cause people to needlessly suffer and die.
Response to Anthony:
Aunima Dec 14, 2014
Please, Anthony, do you have any idea as to the kinds of people that are serviced ? These are people from the streets of India, existing in the midst of unimaginable filth. You say they lost their lives to "these conditions" in the hospitals ? What was the alternative ? Their lives, whatever was left of it, would have been prolonged in the piles of trash, poop, spittle ? How many times have you and I passed by such people on the roadsides of India, refused to cast a glance, and walked quickly by ? At least MC is acknowledging their existence, what prevented Christopher Hitchins from doing so ?
Deepak Jan 12, 2012
Test mail, ignore
Dawn Jan 12, 2012
I think that these current people are using Mother Teresas teachings as an excuse like so many other greedy people to make money. If she were alive, I am sure this would not be happening. So again it isn't her but the people who claim to follow her that are at fault.
David Johnson Jan 12, 2012
As a whole, Mother Teresa has done some very good deeds for a lot of impoverished people in some bad places. To say she was perfect and a Saint may not be correct, but neither should she be condemned for the lives she may have saved with what little she had to work with.

As for her vouching for some low life priest who should have been hung upside down for what he did to children, maybe she was duped like so many of the parents that blindly put their children in harms way because they felt a priest was supposed to be a man of God and would never do anything to hurt a child. Before we know why she stood up for (him) we should certainly try to find out why!
Tamara Jan 12, 2012
And to give of nothing with nothing and still produce better than circumstance results, requires criticism? If they are fit to do better, why haven't they? Not the one's who actually give of themselves; paid for degree, doctrine, or not...they reached out their arms and hands and gave results...and yet people still on-look with judgment and critique. ..of actions farther reached then they have ever committed to themselves (my hypothesis)....this is what I think of those who don't see fit the practice of the shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather than come at them with problems join them with SOLUTIONS!!!!!!!
Response to Tamara:
Catseye Jan 12, 2012
How much money has been given to Mother Teresa and her charities? (Answer: billions.)

How much of those donated billions have gone to suffering people in these places in the form of pain medication or other basic care, or even, say, toys for children in the orphanages they operate? (Answer: none.)

All this "serve the poor" stuff is bull. The Missions of Charity proselytize and earn money for the Church; that's it.

Don't believe it? Bet you don't believe the Church would cover up child rape rather than harm its brand identity.
Shelby Dec 14, 2011
It has never sat well with me when people praised "Mother Teresa", but could not tell me what exactly it was that she did that made her so wonderful.

I'm not surprised that their praise is baseless, though it disgusts me what she and her people have done.

To use a favourite word of politicians, it's "reprehensible."
Avinash Machado Aug 9, 2011
Sounds like a high control cult.
Clouds Mar 14, 2011
Classic case of arrogance combined with ignorance in the case of Hemley Gonzalez. I wish him good luck. He comes from real estate and knows nothing about the medical world, india or mothers teresa initial vision: didnt he read the book? apparently not, he never mentions the word compassion. However, mother Teresa served the poor and the way she did it, she reached many.
Response to Clouds:
Hemley Gonzalez Mar 29, 2011
Dear Clouds, as your name suggest perhaps this is where your head is also? If I was arrogant and ignorant I wouldn't be living in Calcutta right now and working in the slums with the "poorest of the poor" myself on a daily basis. Before you or anyone else lashes out to defend Mother Teresa or The Missionaries of Charity, PLEASE READ AND RESEARCH.

You will discover hundreds of links from reporters, volunteers, journalists, some doctors, nurses and even nuns who themselves have left what is essentially a cult. If that is too much work for some of you, I have compiled links, photos, interviews, not to mention my own experiences after volunteering for two months in one of their houses of illusions, you can start here: or like I said, do it on your own.

My goal remains to:1. Educate people about the Missionaries of Charity's monumental and criminal negligence on the medical and financial fraud. 2. Push the Indian government to hold them accountable thus forcing them to a) change their practices to actually do something to eradicate poverty or b) get out of the charity business altogether. There are many responsible charities out there doing amazing work to educate people how to stop the vicious cycle of poverty and they are lacking key donations that can drastically aid in their work.
Response to Hemley Gonzalez:
Cpauline Apr 3, 2011
So happy you are doing charitable work in India. Where were you 58yrs ago, probably not born yet. Its unfair for you to attack Mother Teresa for her lifes work in India. Do you stop to think of all the lives she has touched with her love and compassion. Hope you are taking your money there and doing good. How much cash have you contributed to the sisters? No one has to give and no one has the right to try to ruin the name of someone who has done much charity. Shame shame on you. Where is your compassion for all those whos lives were touched by this woman who lived in poverty and the sister who continue to do so. God bless her and those who carry on.
Response to Cpauline:
Hemley Gonzalez Apr 7, 2011
@CpaulineI currently live in Kolkata, I work in the slums everyday with the poorest of the poor. I've cleaned blood, mucus, I've been defecated on by the destitute of India, picked live maggots out of wounds for hours and cremated more than a dozen men and women while working with the incredibly archaic and often inefficient Missionaries of Charity.

Damn right I have a right to question how these monsters operate and shame on you for blindly adoring these nuns and thinking you are actually doing something good by keeping your mouth shut. I usually don't answer such ignorant and defensive comments like yours, don't get a lot if anyway, but you actually epitomize a big part of the problem, the volunteer/follower who continues to glorify this fraudulent and outdated organization, while actually hurting those they claim to help by keeping them in these museums of poverty.

If you want to truly make a difference, start by demanding that the Missionaries of Charity report every single dollar they have received in donations until today and how all the funds have really been applied, if they do so, the world will discover they've been quite busy propagating their religious dogma while "patching" some of the issues of poverty instead of looking for viable solutions to END poverty with the millions and millions of dollars received from their unsuspecting donors. Again, READ. You will discover hundreds of links from reporters, volunteers, journalists, some doctors, nurses and even nuns who themselves have left what is essentially a cult. The monumental negligence of this organization is in fact impossible to ignore.
Response to Cpauline:
Kcody May 15, 2011
I find horrendous theater in your comments placing shame on a person (Hemley), a real Christian reserves judgement to one. Not to mention the whole time you write is probably in spent in a nice rich home wanting for nothing but a bit of untouchable humility, not ever once dealing with festering wounds and unimaginable poverty. Self-righteous should beware of dogma. There is no sky daddy, no soul, no after-life and no problem. It is obvious the only reason the "sisters" are there is to send people to a Catholic heaven...these people are Hindu...and proud of their heritage yet they wish to convert them through their empty bellies. There may be shame in that.
Response to Hemley Gonzalez:
Vasudev Akundi Jul 4, 2011
I agree with you 100%.
Response to Vasudev Akundi:
Jack Dec 22, 2013
I feel sorry for you Hemley. Please do not call me names like you have done anyone else who has questioned some of the assertions. It is almost "schoolyard." I have lived and worked in Kolkata and in the slums of Mumbai and am from India.

1) The Missionaries may not be sophisticated but they focus their lives on helping the poor. They do something. I commend you for trying, but instead of criticizing, why not seek to come to a better way. Talk with them.

2) Generalities have no purpose in logical discussion. Please do not point to "hundreds of links." It is easy to be an internet journalist. Harder to get people other than "Humanists" and "atheists" and unknown sources to be on the record.

3) Their monies should be accounted, but it may end up going to the global Catholic church's other missions. That is who should also be involved.

4) Finally, for a person trying to set up a charity, who has come from somewhere else, it can also be noted with suspicion. I could also allege that the money is going to the Castro family, or that you are supporting terrorism. I do not say that.

5) We need more charities. For you to put down one charity, to raise yourself up.

Like I said, I think you may be gone and forgotten about this. I do forgive you. I think you may have passion, which is needed in this world. I expect the name calling. I hope for a dialogue.
Response to Jack:
Vasudev Dec 27, 2013
Missionaries of Charity is using the money only for religious conversions. They do not use money anywhere. I was born and brought up in Kolkata and saw their dirty tricks. They set conditions to charity - the main condition being Religious conversion. For every medical condition they only offer one medicine - more prayers. When one of their own falls ill - they are treated in the best of hospitals. Missionaries of Charity is a front to collect huge sums of money and deposit into the vaults of Vatican. Catholic Church's most profitable arm is MOC
Corneilius Jan 19, 2011
This is well established pattern of 'missionary charity' supported by State and Vatican that is fundamentally abusive.

That is not to say that ALL missionaries and asociated Charities are abusive. It is to say there is a wide pattern of such behaviours.

The Residential Schools systems operated by Church and State all over the world are being exposed by Survivors and both Church and State, and their apologists are doing their level best to cover this up, to limit their liabilities and to mask their culpability.

We cannot trust ANY organisation or Institution that is not transparent.

We are talking here about hundreds of years of abuses, of millions of lives destroyed.
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