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Whatever route retailers take to save their stores, they must use processes and technology to one end: Humanize
Samar Srivastava
Replacing Jain is Ramnik Narsey, senior vice president at Walmart International
Damodar Mall
There is a distinct interplay of two things that seem to make modern stores click. The physical factors are all around you: scale, orderly shelves, direction signs, efficiency, technology. The vital psychological factor is also all around you, though in a subtler way
Damodar Mall
With the front end of the retail business changing to self service format and backend sourcing changing to the new corporatised distribution and wholesaling model for small retailers, the stage is set for a significant takeover of shopkeeping by women
Samar Srivastava
This year the Pantaloon India Retail, Big Bazaar’s holding company is expected to bring in Rs15,000 crore in revenue with a profit of about Rs900 crore.
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