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While talks of ‘eTailers’ being the end of brick and mortar retailers is doing the rounds, on-ground reality tells a different story
Damodar Mall
‘Born to be a grocer’ is my resume. I run stores and sell groceries. That’s my job. I look at shopping racks, customer trolleys, cash tills. I can safely say …
Peter Griffin
Forbes India is looking for exceptional young entrepreneurs and professionals
Damodar Mall
For the world, Hemlatha Iyer is an e-commerce buyer of train tickets because all her travel is planned on the IRCTC website. The irony is that Iyer Aunty is 63 …
Damodar Mall
Raghavan, a department manager in an upmarket store in Mumbai, was a bit intrigued when an elderly lady walked up to him one day and said “You have changed our …
Damodar Mall
With their skills in providing processed food solutions that are hygienic, fresh and customized to suit individual customer taste, these Narmadabens can pose a formidable challenge to the organised, factory-based ready-to-eat segment
Damodar Mall
There is a distinct interplay of two things that seem to make modern stores click. The physical factors are all around you: scale, orderly shelves, direction signs, efficiency, technology. The vital psychological factor is also all around you, though in a subtler way
Damodar Mall
At a 100-rupee price point for an idli and coffee, any Udipi diner worth its salt knows that it can create a completely exciting world of taste, ambience, choice and service. Courtesy McDonald’s and its global peers, customers are more than willing to pay Rs 100 for an idli meal too!
Damodar Mall
While we have ‘learnt’ to respect privacy, our inherent attitude towards it is somewhat different. For Indians, personal space isn’t defined in physical terms. We see nothing wrong or disrespectful or invasive in jostling each other around
Ashish K Mishra
  So who is the Hero No. 1 of the India luxury car market? Audi claims that in the month of June 2012 the company sold 759 vehicles. BMW’s numbers …
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