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Seema Singh
The Indian Science Congress turns 100. How relevant is it today?
Udit Misra
For Kejriwal, he is not bound to the methods of protests or fasts. Nor does he have the patience to wait for protests to yield result. He would rather take up the next tool available to him: political mobilisation. If that means losing some friends and volunteers, then so be it
Seema Singh
Dear Mr Prime Minister, I know corruption cases, policy logjams, and a slowing economy preoccupy you these days but I’d still like to draw your attention to the plight of …
Govindraj Ethiraj
There is a real possibility now that every household in India will have access to a bank account in the next few years. This has game-changing implications, both for delivery of hundreds of billions of dollars of Government subsidies but also bottom-of-the-pyramid financial innovation
Dinesh Narayanan
Last evening I had the occasion to listen to some old numbers from the 70s and 80s at a friend’s place. He had the lyrics of the songs rolling on …
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