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Before understanding more about the smart city components, it is essential for us to identify some of the key problems faced by citizens in the Indian landscape
Vijay Ramnath Jayaraman
What are some takeaways for U.S. healthcare from India? This week, I am sharing a personal story which re-shaped my perspectives on India's healthcare.
Mohammad Chowdhury
More Indians are willing to shell out more for phones with multiple features even as Chinese handsets threaten to take over the market
Peter Griffin
KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: Some take-aways including a few relevant to the Indian reader
Shravan Bhat
Naren Shaam’s end-to-end travel price comparison website GoEuro is trying to disrupt Europe's online travel booking market.
Peter Griffin
If you could have a minute with the new cabinet, enough time to speak perhaps five sentences, what five things would you suggest should be their priority?
Prince Thomas
The two year-ban on mining in several Indian states has cost the companies, citizens (in jobs) and the government (in foreign exchange). Hopefully 2014 will be better
Shravan Bhat
Lack of facilities are no longer a problem for football enthusiasts in Mumbai. A few years ago, organising a game would mean having to round up 10 guys on a …
Mohammad Chowdhury
Over 2000 consumers across India were asked in a recent survey what the value of mobile telephony was to them, and the two highest scoring answers were: “It has given …
Anirudha Dutta
India has huge challenges to attract large companies as well as global talent. Can this limit India's growth prospects whatever be our demographics or our potential?
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