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BMR Advisors
With little clarity on laws about taxation of ecommerce transactions, judicial intervention and a long-term view from the government are key to addressing rising concerns
Peter Griffin
KPCB Internet trends 2015 from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: Some take-aways including a few relevant to the Indian reader.
Mohammad Chowdhury
The 900 million mobile-haves of India are still chiefly data-have-nots. In a world where economic advantage and social connectivity requires data access, the have-nots stand to lose
Marco D'Souza
They are increasingly powerful, ever-more capable, and now at price points that seem almost too good to be true. These past several months have witnessed the arrival of smartphones from …
Mohammad Chowdhury
India’s telecom industry hit a first last week when Google selected this market for the worldwide launch of Android One, the new mass market smart phone manufactured in three versions …
WhatsApp is really only a chat system, but even so it has massively dis-intermediated SMS; in fact its chat volume is already equal to worldwide SMS volume
Seema Singh
Most-of the innovation effort today exhibits one-sided emphasis which is lopsided and based on an incomplete understanding of what makes market leaders
Rohin Dharmakumar
“India’s iconic Chandni Chowk market…now online!” screamed the blog post from Google India on December 17th, 2012. Inaugurated by Rajan Anandan, Google India MD and Kapil Sibal, the union minister …
NS Ramnath
Gmail’s new inbox Google says its mail service’s new inbox (which is rolling out gradually) will organize your emails better. In my view, Gmail is already better than its rivals in …
NS Ramnath
PhDs in IITs: Not just about numbers Here are three crucial paragraphs from a nice piece on research in IITs  from today’s Economic Times. These capture a) the context in …
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