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Since the Indian economy is now umbilically linked to its global counterparts, here are the articles that we come across have relevance for Indian stocks and the Indian economy.
Marcus Ranney
Every January, the WEF convenes its annual summit of global leaders at Davos, a three-hour train ride from Zurich.
Sanjeev Gupta
Terrorism and its excesses have made us immune to sufferings, even if it’s the little ones who are targeted
NS Ramnath
What Google Trends say about IT firms Google Trends hit the headlines late last month when three academics – Tobias Preis, Helen Susannah Moat and H. Eugene Stanley - published a …
NS Ramnath
Outsourcing IT in Europe When IT executives speak about Europe, be prepared to get confused. This graph from Nasscom is a typical example. The caption says: Demand surge in Europe, …
Ashish K Mishra
More than 60 percent of the world’s solar panels are made in China. Solar companies in Europe believe it is not a good thing
NS Ramnath
Amazon: Will a digital-only strategy work in India? Reuters reports that Amazon is expected to set up a digital bookstore in Brazil in the fourth quarter. It quotes an unnamed …
NS Ramnath
The silent cylinder: Will we see more acquisitions in the days ahead? In 1974, things were looking bad in United States, and everyone seemed bearish about stock market. Except one …
NS Ramnath
Techies’ musical chair After a long time, I looked up Linkedin Insights for what it had to say about top Indian IT Services companies – and two things struck me. …
Dinesh Narayanan
The US and China have a relationship that is unlike any other in the world. One is the preeminent superpower and the other is aspiring to be one. They are …
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