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Here are the ten most interesting pieces that we read this week, ended May 27, 2016.
Mohammad Chowdhury
Its Didi Chuxing investment may turn out to show how to do digital investments right
Harichandan Arakali
Despite the steep prices associated with them, iPhones are set to sell in the millions in India
Harichandan Arakali
The imminent launch of the iPhone SE should not mark the end of the 5s in India
Sapience Analytics
Organisations must promote such a culture so that employees become more productive and feel a part of the company
Peter Griffin
KPCB Internet trends 2015 from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: Some take-aways including a few relevant to the Indian reader.
Marco D'Souza
They are increasingly powerful, ever-more capable, and now at price points that seem almost too good to be true. These past several months have witnessed the arrival of smartphones from …
Mohammad Chowdhury
India’s telecom industry hit a first last week when Google selected this market for the worldwide launch of Android One, the new mass market smart phone manufactured in three versions …
Mohammad Chowdhury
Segmentation and deeper customer insight is resulting in new product segments being created
Jasodhara Banerjee
What should we make of Li Keqiang's recent visit
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