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Besides eating into an enormous amount of employee work hours, there is no real proof that annual appraisals work
Shishir Prasad
There is a belief that goings on at IEP are because of it could not raise its second fund of $500 million. And the reason they could not raise the second fund is because they haven’t made good returns. Both reasons are false. IEP has already raised $100 million. They have had 3 exits till date. IEP has made 6.5 times the invested capital in Manappuram Finance and 3 times their money from exits in Bajaj Auto and Ikya, which is an HR outsourcing company.
NS Ramnath
Arun Jain’s plans for Polaris After the halo of Orbitech acquisition began to wane (incidentally it came to effect on April 1, 2002), Polaris (Software Labs then, Financial Technologies, now) …
NS Ramnath
Subash Menon quits Subex In a surprise announcement last evening, Subex said its founder, CEO and Managing Director Subash Menon has resigned. “With the restructuring of FCCBs complete, I have …
NS Ramnath
Amazon: Will a digital-only strategy work in India? Reuters reports that Amazon is expected to set up a digital bookstore in Brazil in the fourth quarter. It quotes an unnamed …
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