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Salman Rushdie and all that – a chat with Sanjoy Roy

On the 25th January, with the dust from the Jaipur Literature Festival still not settled — actually with the festival being dismantled around our ears — I chatted with Sanjoy Roy of Teamwork Productions about the events of the five days just gone by. Aside from a look back at the festival on the whole (which I’ll post shortly) we spent a fair amount of time discussing what had overshadowed almost everything else that happened. Here’s the audio file.

Sanjoy Roy on the Salman Rushdie brouhaha

The file has been lightly edited, to remove extra-long pauses, ums and ahs, interruptions, and, as far as possible the sound of metal being bashed around as the framework of the tent over the front lawns was being taken down. Apologies for the not-quite-pristine state of the audio.

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