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Govindraj Ethiraj
The proverbial Big Brother will watch you like never before in 2013. CCTV monitoring is likely to be the next big policing technique in 2013; not all of it will be good
Govindraj Ethiraj
Many business leaders have built substantial businesses in the last decade but few have dreamt of designing and building engineering products - such as cars - the way Ratan Tata has
Govindraj Ethiraj
There is a real possibility now that every household in India will have access to a bank account in the next few years. This has game-changing implications, both for delivery of hundreds of billions of dollars of Government subsidies but also bottom-of-the-pyramid financial innovation
Govindraj Ethiraj
What really conveys or imparts a sense of `sacred space' to an organisation and its people ? While it's somewhat clear what the driving forces are, whether it will come together in a predictable, mathematical way is a big question.
Govindraj Ethiraj
Indiia could see some 300 million new savers entering the formal banking system in coming years. Creating the right `bottom of the pyramid' financial product portfolio for them should be a priority else we would have lost an opportunity.
Govindraj Ethiraj
Apple will bring in close to Rs 130,000 crore of revenue from China in 2012. Apart from the massive consumption frenzy, what does this tell us about consumer behaviour, particularly at times when there is perceived political uncertainty
Govindraj Ethiraj
The real impact of Union Budget 2012 on the individual wallet can only be felt now, as the various Service Tax components and the State Budget measures roll out. Its mostly bad news, except perhaps in one case.
Govindraj Ethiraj
The Trinamool Congress may gain political capital by saying its DNA does not allow prices to rise. But by selling this perpetual dream to voters is unfair, economically and socially.
Govindraj Ethiraj
Indian CEOs are unlikely to bite the bait of appearing in reality shows like Undercover Boss. But this show's big plus is to get you closer to your own people, particularly in difficult times. That's something every business leader should appreciate.
Govindraj Ethiraj
Kingfisher has demonstrated that for all the front-end glamour, Indian businesses are still running on jugaad mode in the back-end. This damages not just the brand's image but also questions Indian companies' ability to run world class service operations that put customer above all.
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August 29, 2014 19:16 pm by ashok pandey
as i know & wish that every one know that shri Narendrabhai is biggest ever showman we had or we have, he very well know how to paint a house made by some one else to put that in his account.
August 19, 2014 10:14 am by karishma deshmukh
sir ratan tata u r my role model
May 01, 2014 21:38 pm by Arun Hooda
sir ratan tata , u r 1 among whom i respect a lot.... love u tata
April 08, 2014 18:16 pm by ramanujan
KYC must be simplified. The idea of KYC is to 'know your customer ' based on basic data of the customer.Afterall. it is us ,indians who are opening the accounts.In any case with audit trail, Itax watch and limits on daily transactions it is not difficult to track down the money launderers. Recently...
March 03, 2014 17:42 pm by Hardik Bavishi
Dear Mr. Dahiya, it is possible to have a basic savings account opened with very liberalised KYC. The employer aided savings account are also available. Refer to this path - --> Personal Banking --> Deposit Schemes --> Savings Bank Account --> Small Account Even employer aided ...
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