Peter Griffin
A quick backgrounder on the new Indian language top-level domains, भारत, .ভারত, .భారత్, .ભારત, .بھارت, .ਭਾਰਤ, and .இந்தியா
Tanzeel Merchant
Cyber warfare presents a new landscape of rapidly shifting allegiances, and battles being fought by anonymous warriors, sometimes within a country's own boundaries. Addressing this problem will require swifter, more innovative, and far more nimble forms of diplomacy that have yet to be tested
Peter Griffin
KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: Some take-aways including a few relevant to the Indian reader
A huge element of data analytics, customer buying patterns and past history is making marketers arrive at a more precise conclusion on a customer’s buying pattern
WhatsApp is really only a chat system, but even so it has massively dis-intermediated SMS; in fact its chat volume is already equal to worldwide SMS volume
It allows organisations to efficiently manage multiple operations with limited resources and improve customer data analytic
Image: Shutterstock At a recent software conference in Bangalore, a co-speaker shared his first experience trying to “mobile check-in” for his flight to Bangalore. Not knowing if he would make …
Seema Singh
If 2013 proved to be good for ISRO and space enthusiasts, 2014 can prove to be even better. Mankind will get more details, pictures and data of the awesome Martian landscape
Employers who are smart enough to ask the right questions about their employees will be able to predict their employees’ behaviour, sometimes even before the employees themselves realize they would eventually decide to leave
Seema Singh
It appears that the human race is at crossroads as well as at a frontier which is as much technological as moral and philosophical.

It’s a blog about technologies, not just the ICT – information and communication technology – that often subsumes the tech space, but also the developing technologies in genetics, robotics, or of the nano scale that are changing our lives. The power of technology lies in the vistas it opens up for businesses, consumers and governments, all the same time. But in India, of a billion plus people with glaring economic disparities, it is the disruptive power of technology that will play out in the years to come. We’ll bring you all the innovation, the market shifts, trends, and stories of the people behind them.

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October 22, 2014 17:55 pm by Rajveer Shekhawat
I highly sympathize with Dr. Rao for not having got the recognition of his novel discovery of Bharat Radiation. Of course this is not new and the views expressed by him are true to a great extent in Indian Research Labs. This is a usual phenomenon in all walks of life like sports. I am only surpris...
October 17, 2014 19:16 pm by Vikas
'THIS' is what the retailers should live for and aim to bring back. The generation that's grown up in last decade or so, doesn't know much about this feeling that a physical store bring. The 'instant' satisfaction that shopping online brings definitely exists, as you have lots of options to compare....
October 03, 2014 23:45 pm by K.B.Philip
India needs many of such indigenous recognition. We need to set our standards to the world.
September 30, 2014 13:00 pm by Geeta Batra
Another interesting article with valid concerns and time for society to give credit to a profession that deserves it. No question we need to retrain our teachers and get them out of their comfort zone. They need to be given freedom, support and a good reason to change-the hardest thing for people ...
September 29, 2014 21:26 pm by Aniket Maindarkar
I am excited about the fact that this article has garnered views that are contrary as well as in agreement with my opinion. Sudeep - your point is very valid. There are significant advantages of shopping on-line, several of which you have listed. That being said, there is a factor of interacting w...
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