Damodar Mall
Food companies have a great opportunity at hand as women are willing to embrace modern solutions to make cooking a pleasant experience
Damodar Mall
‘Born to be a grocer’ is my resume. I run stores and sell groceries. That’s my job. I look at shopping racks, customer trolleys, cash tills. I can safely say …
Damodar Mall
Image: Shutterstock Here’s an interesting read that I came across. It says, eateries and fine dine restaurants with regional specialist cuisines are becoming increasingly popular in large cities. I have …
Damodar Mall
In the last decade, supermarkets have gone from being elitist to being accessible to the middle-and-lower-middle class. Now we need more of them in every Indian city
Damodar Mall
Ranjit and Payal Saxena live in Noida, near Delhi, in a new apartment block. Ranjit is a software consultant with a multinational, while Payal, an engineer herself, is a stay-at-home …
Damodar Mall
For the world, Hemlatha Iyer is an e-commerce buyer of train tickets because all her travel is planned on the IRCTC website. The irony is that Iyer Aunty is 63 …
Damodar Mall
As i reverently trundle through the aisles i can feel the merchandise calling out to me, entreating me to choose the right path and make the right choices. Detergents hasten to reassure me that dirt is good
Damodar Mall
A neighbourhood store is in a marriage with the customer. It needs to feel friendly and predictable, a place where she can go in a jiffy and load up her shopping trolley without much thought
Damodar Mall
Raghavan, a department manager in an upmarket store in Mumbai, was a bit intrigued when an elderly lady walked up to him one day and said “You have changed our …
Damodar Mall
With their skills in providing processed food solutions that are hygienic, fresh and customized to suit individual customer taste, these Narmadabens can pose a formidable challenge to the organised, factory-based ready-to-eat segment

If life changes, can markets be far behind? Everything, including temple rituals, are changing in the life of the modern Indian woman. Her personal life, the way she thinks about her family, her work life, the way she perceives and is perceived by her colleagues, her social life, the way she chats with her friends or hangs out with them, her religious life, the way she conducts ‘karva chauth’, has taken a wide angle turn in the last ten years. Shopkeeper-in-Law takes a look at this evolution to draw conclusions about a woman’s shopping life and the new imperatives for shopkeepers. To paraphrase David Ogilvy, the customer is not an economic stooge, she’s a female member of society! And the changes in her life are microscopically visible in that melting pot, the bazaar. And that is where we must head to see what’s going on with the customer.

Shopkeeper-in-Law will examine shopping habits by studying the shopping trolley, and not the store shelf, for the way to the customer’s mind is through her trolley, not through what the store provides. Just as in cricket, we talk about the batting, fielding and bowling, and not the stadium, the pitch, the weather and the outfield, in consumption we must talk about the kitchen shelf, the dining table, the shopping trolley, the refrigerator, beyond the retail companies or categories or stores, malls, supply chains, margins, million square feet and power shifts.

Shopkeeper-in-Law is a practitioner’s blog and it will generate the business potential of every insight. The customer, that gentle woman, has been a ruthless judge, and severe punisher of consumer products or retail concepts that are faulty in design. Shopkeeper-in-Law will try to dodge that punishment by avoiding the crime of looking in the wrong places for the right answers. So read on to find out how a two feet deep wire mesh basket can directionally change a business design for the emerging, yet asserting Indian market!

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April 30, 2015 22:39 pm by Suresh Mandan
In the US majority of Indians buy ready made rotis from the Indian restaurants /stores and branded rotis are also available from Haldiram, Deep, Garvi Gujarat and many other companies. Roti is quite a big local industry where ever indian crowd is settled. But they are nowhere near to what home made ...
October 15, 2014 20:36 pm by Robin Sharma
With an advent of e-commerce, modern supermarkets have reached to entirely different level. All the transactions take place over the internet through mobiles/laptops. One such example is YouMart supermarket in Bangalore. YouMart is a strong initiative in the Online Supermarket space and embarked on ...
June 08, 2014 17:13 pm by @SupermarketWala
I noticed it too, on my recent trip that the particular outlet at Hyd Airport has slipped on delivery standards and choice offered. While the examples are plenty, this one had indeed triggered the insight fir me :(! As a retailer though, the cause of decline could well be in the priorities of the p...
June 07, 2014 10:57 am by V.S.Rao
The service is terrible and food artificial ,nothing like the names. Passengers are forced to eat swallowing all as there is very little option unlike the Bangalore airport.
April 11, 2014 00:16 am by Prashant V J
Yes it’s true - “one man’s tradition is another man’s modernity”! This can be attributed to human nature, a BCB cycle: - BORED of what we have, and - CURIOUS to know what others have, - we can also BRAG about it after having what others have. The journey of the humble pav bhaji, fr...
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