Shravan Bhat
YouTube has introduced me to curated music channels that know my taste, which’ll do the listening and screening for me.
Tanzeel Merchant
Why it's important to write and read our stories, and how the independent publishing industry is thriving by telling them.
Tanzeel Merchant
Happiness indices may yet have values as a measure when one probes under their surfaces, and perhaps being unhappy isn't such a bad thing...
Rajat Chauhan
Our genes are not our fate, and if we make these changes—they're a predisposition—but if we make bigger changes than we might have made otherwise, we can actually change how our genes are expressed
Peter Griffin
Christie’s inaugural auction in India couldn’t have had a better start as lot after lot went under the gavel
Tanzeel Merchant
Is bigger better? Study shows that people choosing bigger are more likely to steal, cheat and break the law
Peter Griffin
Last year, we twice invited several prominent authors to write some short stories for us. Very short stories. Very very short stories. Short enough to fit into a single Tweet. …
Sumana Mukherjee
“Complaining that there are too many litfests is like saying there are too many restaurants,” says Vikram Sampath, author of several acclaimed non-fiction titles, including My Name is Gauhar Jaan! …
Rajat Chauhan
There is only one person out there who should never, ever, give up on you and that's YOU!
Prince Thomas
Spice Group brings Panagea nightclub to Delhi's Ashok Hotel. A night out costs Rs 4 lakh 'only'

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April 11, 2014 15:17 pm by Club Pangaea launches in New Delhi - Luxurylaunches Delhi - Featuring the best in the capital
[...] [Via - Forbesindia] [...]
March 21, 2014 23:15 pm by coolsap
I hope you have the Google chromecast... it plays directly from your phone/ laptop/ ipad to your TV (HDMI ports)... a must for youtube lovers..
March 21, 2014 05:37 am by Today on YouTube: Wayne Rooney adds to David Moyes's embarrassment by … | Cliff Jordan Films
[...] How YouTube has Changed the Way I Consume Music Step forward music curator channels like The Sound You Need (Over 1.2 million subscribers) and Majestic Casual (over 1.5 million subscribers); by comparison, mainstream content juggernaut, Sony Music India's YouTube channel has just under 1 milli...
March 20, 2014 15:59 pm by Leilah
Wonderful article!
Tanzeel Merchant
Tanzeel Merchant
March 08, 2014 18:45 pm by Tanzeel Merchant
Thank you for your comment Aiman. That point is worth exploring i.e. that once someone has money things don't matter. I don't believe that's true, but perhaps for some people it is.
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