Salil Panchal
At least 1500 exhibitors, including 279 Swiss watchmakers, have gathered at Baselworld 2016 to showcase their best products
N Madhavan
The inherent risk in a film distribution business is for the distributor, after watching the film, make a calculated guess as to how it will do in the box office and buy the distribution rights
Peter Griffin
Zane Dalal, Conductor-In-Residence, Symphony Orchestra of India, on why you shouldn't clap between movements (but he'll totally understand if you do).
Shravan Bhat
YouTube has introduced me to curated music channels that know my taste, which’ll do the listening and screening for me.
Tanzeel Merchant
Why it's important to write and read our stories, and how the independent publishing industry is thriving by telling them.
Tanzeel Merchant
Happiness indices may yet have values as a measure when one probes under their surfaces, and perhaps being unhappy isn't such a bad thing...
Rajat Chauhan
Our genes are not our fate, and if we make these changes—they're a predisposition—but if we make bigger changes than we might have made otherwise, we can actually change how our genes are expressed
Peter Griffin
Christie’s inaugural auction in India couldn’t have had a better start as lot after lot went under the gavel
Tanzeel Merchant
Is bigger better? Study shows that people choosing bigger are more likely to steal, cheat and break the law
Peter Griffin
Last year, we twice invited several prominent authors to write some short stories for us. Very short stories. Very very short stories. Short enough to fit into a single Tweet. …

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June 01, 2016 16:38 pm by Vasant
Thanks for this article. Hi I am Vasant and I work with Chowgule College Margao Goa. We as an autonomous college and are starting a Certificate Course in Book Publishing in association with a Cinnamonteal Book Publishing (Self Publishing Company ) who organize Publishing Next every year (http://publ...
September 25, 2015 15:01 pm by readers press (publisher of acadmic books)
As a small time publisher of academic books ,i stand educated by this piece of intelligent information(as i would like to call it).for sure the coming of big giants in the system of book distribution has left a big gap between the publishers, the orthodox distributors, and majorly the booksellers w...
June 24, 2015 12:45 pm by K K Krishna Kumar
Very interesting and informative. Actually the existing book industry reaches out to a very small percentage of the indian population. There has to be a detailed study about this . May be with help of the emerging digital technologies viable "short cuts" should be worked out to overcome this hug...
June 19, 2015 14:09 pm by Rajarathinam Purushothaman
It is an interesting reading and more informative .Like any other Industry today Publishing is also in the transition period. We need to adopt technology for survival and growth. The challenge is how soon we adopt to the changing trends.For this we need Govt. support and the Publishing has to be ...
May 25, 2015 16:13 pm by Raghu
Hello Nilofer Good to go through your blog. India is a land where wedding differs from tradition to tradition and religion to religion and I would disagree to the survey a little bit because it obviously wouldn't have represented the entire nation. Hence how people have things prioritized c...
What I am Reading by Sushobhan Mukherjee