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Baba Prasad
Alisdair MacIntyre, the philosopher, called humans “story-telling animals”. Tom Kelley of IDEO wrote, “The Storyteller captures our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation. This person goes …
Their work ethic should be an example for the rest of India
From roping in an effective leader to simple things like having a strong transition team to deal with change matter
Peter Griffin
India's gender gap, compared to the best and the worst in the world
How does one avoid the pitfalls of analytics becoming just another data set?
Sanjeev Gupta
Despite its rich culture, the country is terribly marketed. It’s still a fiefdom when it comes to politics and business
As preliminary steps are taken by the government in promoting skill development in relation to the larger ‘Make in India’ mission, the role that corporations and industry associations’ can play under the umbrella of the new CSR Law has to be discussed and planned in an equally coherent manner
Smart Grids not only help save electricity but also give consumers real-time data on usage and billing
Sanjeev Gupta
There’s no chance of progressing if great institutions disappoint us with sordid examples of wrongdoing
Meeta Sengupta
Play is a way for natural leaders to emerge, for children to discover what roles would suit them best in life
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December 07, 2014 18:45 pm by vallabh V. Prabhu
Congratulations Mr.Ashish Mishra for an excellent and well researched article on this company. I fully agree with you GM is an average car company and cannot compare the same to companies like Honda, Toyota, Woks wagon etc. In-fact my brother in law based in US had warned me not to buy any Chevrolet...
December 03, 2014 17:21 pm by Bibin
Petrol price is not going to be 75/ Litre for next 4 years
December 03, 2014 11:48 am by Cheap Grappling Blogging | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Tips
[...] Maruti Swift Dzire; Why so cheap? | Forbes India Blog – Earlier this week Maruti launched the new Swift Dzire. Shorter and quite a bit cheaper than the older version. So much so that the price difference between the Swift …… [...]
December 02, 2014 12:56 pm by Vikas Sharda
hi, I have also booked a flat in Raheja Vedaanta. Would suggest that, we should also make a group and unite in fighting against the builder for our rights and dues. please contact me at or 9582219111. br/Vikas
December 01, 2014 19:25 pm by Arun shrivastava
He is mechanical engineer from prestigious NIT,Trichy
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