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It’s easy to fool yourself by saying that work is life. But it’s vital to maintain a work-life balance. Don’t forget to live and be grateful
Aon Hewitt
The key is in understanding that change needs adoption to sustain. So you need a framework that drives adoption and interestingly applying key product adoption principles for change adoption during transformation actually works
Bhavna Dalal
While companies are looking at hiring candidates with good skills, they are also on the lookout for people who can lead from the front
Abaneeta Chakraborty
When wealthy clients engage professionals to work with them, they broadly have one demand above everything else - preserve what they have made and do better than the prevalent risk free rate
OC Tanner
Recognition of good work and appreciating small deeds may seem like an ordinary task, but its benefits are long-lasting
High performance and effectiveness demand that internal audit departments focus their efforts on the key risks and issues facing organizations—a task made more difficult in today’s environment of continued complexity, uncertainty, and change.
By mining customer data and generating actionable insights, companies can craft marketing strategies relevant to the digital age
Aon Hewitt
Lack of pay parity between men and women is a consequence of the lack of gender diversity and tends to decrease when there are more women in the workforce
Bhavna Dalal
Having fewer meetings and being selective about the participants can prevent wastage of time and energy
MindShift Interactive
A brand with a healthy response management team is known to receive higher credibility and sales through social media
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August 03, 2016 10:12 am by Metroengtech
Great post, thanks for sharing .if you want to get Diesel Engine Parts Manufacturers in India
August 02, 2016 11:42 am by Amey Pednekar
Its commendable that Mahindra has been actively trying to electrification of vehicles in India, but honestly, they will never succeed. They just don't understand EVs enough to pull it off. Its almost impossible to build a cheap EV if you are going to source every component from the foreign soil. All...
August 02, 2016 07:05 am by Tim Lavis - Business Coach
A great business strategy is needed to keep up with the market. Too many businesses these days aren't flexible and nimble to the market.
July 31, 2016 01:02 am by Sudheer Godgeri
This is true. Two biggest dampers in electric car purchase today - are range anxiety and cost of lithium ion battery . Even after spending a bomb on purchasing e20/other models - we just can't take our family out to pune/nashik/other places like conventional cars. If we do decide to take out f...
July 30, 2016 01:29 am by Roberta Cohen
I agree that there is a lot of clutter in advertising and one of the best ways to break through is to invest in the power of great ideas. When marketers commit to strong creative - memorable key messaging and attention-gaining graphic treatments, it can make a huge difference in brand awareness and ...
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