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By mining customer data and generating actionable insights, companies can craft marketing strategies relevant to the digital age
Aon Hewitt
Lack of pay parity between men and women is a consequence of the lack of gender diversity and tends to decrease when there are more women in the workforce
Bhavna Dalal
Having fewer meetings and being selective about the participants can prevent wastage of time and energy
MindShift Interactive
A brand with a healthy response management team is known to receive higher credibility and sales through social media
OC Tanner
Instead of it demotivating you, it should encourage you to achieve greater milestones which can lead to larger successes
The flash industry has the ability to provide customised and innovative offerings
They give relevant insights that simplify the decision-making process
Bhavna Dalal
They encourage higher levels of communication between the management and employees, and end up being more democratic
MindShift Interactive
The right amount of innovation and creativity will ensure eyeballs and recall
OC Tanner
Appreciating an employee’s work socially and within an organisation spurs on the others to perform better
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