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Shabana Hussain
I was rushing out of my house a couple of days back, when my neighbour called out to me to hand over my voting slip, which had accidentally reached him. …
Shabana Hussain
Kumar and his childhood friend Nikhil Jha started Sportswave on a whim
Prince Thomas
Image: Shutterstock There is a new phenomenon in Kerala’s labour economy, one that will warm hearts of the local communists. But first a short background Two years ago when I …
Cuckoo Paul
Mumbai has two runways that intersect each other (cross-runways). The airport experimented with using both these simultaneously for a while, but has now decided to go with high-intensity single runway operations.
Cuckoo Paul
This year marks the 100th year of commercial airline operations in the world. Much of this is because of the sophistication of regulatory agencies that collaborate and exchange safety information. It is a real pity that India is unable to keep pace.
Sanjeev Gupta
The country is crying out for investments but people are waiting for peace to come as the war and its unknown consequences still unnerve even the brave
Ashish K Mishra
The $2.5 billion Apollo - Cooper mess
Cuckoo Paul
T2 is a fantastic new edifice that is certain to be an icon for the city in the days to come. One of the eye-catching features of the building is a 69 feet high flagpole with a huge Indian flag fluttering on it.
Prince Thomas
Over the past decade, Patu Keswani has rightly earned the title of a master hotelier. The founder of Lemon Tree Hotels now runs 24 hotels with nearly 3,000 rooms and …
Ashish K Mishra
Earlier yesterday, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co announced that it has terminated its sale to Apollo Tyres, India’s second largest tyre manufacturer. “It is time to move our business forward,” …
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April 15, 2014 18:00 pm by sujatha
excellent presentation. I fully agree with you that the much hyped demographic dividend in our country may prove to be a burden if proper development strategy is not chalked out and implemented with all sincerity.
April 15, 2014 15:51 pm by jagannath
I am a final year engineering student, interested in the idea of sustainable transportation . i would love to share few ideas and collaborate with you.if interested please drop me a mail at
April 09, 2014 16:57 pm by RKB
I dont know much about Bangalore or Delhi but since I operate in Mumbai I thought sharing something about this. Like many other comments i too agree that Real estate price correction in Mumbai is a myth. What is happening now is area correction. Now you get a 2BHk at 800 sqft super builtup area and ...
April 07, 2014 19:47 pm by saba
How long do you think that this chain can continue ? 2 or 3 decades is too lengthy to see a crash. I can see that during the last 3 years, people have been speaking about real estate market crash, but nothing much has really happened. Power of black money ?
April 07, 2014 19:36 pm by saba
Dear Giri... Wisely said, We are living in India, a place where even 1 billion US $ can be invested in real estates through proxy and no question will be asked. If there are less than 50000 people in India who earn more than a crore as salary, to whom are the apartments worth crores are sold ...
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