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By relying on their technical capabilities and experience, they offer an independent perspective that can help resolve disputes
The future of advertising will certainly move online and internet marketers will be the emperors
Abaneeta Chakraborty
Sometimes it’s due to lack of ambition and on other occasions, it is purely because they do not possess the risk-taking ability
Harichandan Arakali
LinkedIn, in its purest form could be seen as a platform for collaboration among hundreds of millions of people around the planet — sans borders. Why wouldn’t Microsoft want to own such a platform?
It helps in understanding the effectiveness of programmes and the resultant change in the lives of beneficiaries
MindShift Interactive
A brand will connect with consumers if it puts people at the centre of their system
OC Tanner
A good manager builds interpersonal relations with his employees and ensures that man-management disasters do not happen
Anamika Sirohi
Brands must respond faster to people and events. But at the same time, ensure that they do not upset the public at large
Credible steps need to be taken to enhance the industrial capability and train talent to take up specialised jobs in the industry
OC Tanner
Simple steps for identifying bright talent and praising their work
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June 19, 2016 13:16 pm by Anchal Singhal
You are Absolutely correct Abaneeta. Nothing is stopping us to grow except our own thoughts and perceptions.
June 17, 2016 10:32 am by Navaneeta Saha
Abaneeta you just nailed it. Its in our mind that we are the weaker section and we let go the larger work...We are the prisoner of our thoughts...and more so if the woman is married to a man who makes money for himself the woman is perceived in the "corporate world" as the one who just adds up to th...
June 07, 2016 16:15 pm by Sree
This blog is really informative. Great ideas.
June 05, 2016 00:23 am by Shrikanti
In my opinion we can motivate and inspire people or human resource, we cannot manage . We can manage money, profit, technology, language , science and etc.
June 04, 2016 23:41 pm by Shrikanti
If urgency is there to manage people, importance must be given to Staffing. Staffing the most important aspect to manage the culture and boost human resource of any organization. Promote Education.
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