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Aon Hewitt
A strong performance culture is created by teamwork and because of every employee working to the best of his ability
Sapience Analytics
From using Post-it notes to wearing identical dresses each day, this is how CXOs cope with their work load
Bhavna Dalal
Only the right leadership can ensure that a collaborative culture will thrive
MindShift Interactive
How companies can connect with the right audiences and keep them engaged
New reporting requirements for larger companies will make detailed country-by-country tax and financial information visible to many eyes
Aon Hewitt
PSUs have tremendous potential in India – they sit on some of the best intellectual and physical capital – and if the Make in India aspiration has to fructify, these organizations need to be given a strong boost ground up
The future of cyber crime investigation is bound to become more complex, confidential and challenging
OC Tanner
They are ambitious and crave recognition. How organisations handle Millennials and fulfil their creative requirements will dictate their future
The way forward for cloud technology is to match technology with people and innovate with the changing times
Bhavna Dalal
Mastering the two skills will result in fruitful conversations at workplaces
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September 22, 2016 17:59 pm by Gravity Fashion
Wow!! Such an inspiring post! Thank you for list. I am wondering about Mark Zuckerberg preferences of wearing "grey". I would like to try this at my work.. After reading this, I am also planning to convince my boss for this (Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and John F Kennedy) "taking naps during ...
September 21, 2016 18:12 pm by Bhavna Dalal
I am so glad. Thank you for your kind words.
August 03, 2016 10:12 am by Metroengtech
Great post, thanks for sharing .if you want to get Diesel Engine Parts Manufacturers in India
August 02, 2016 11:42 am by Amey Pednekar
Its commendable that Mahindra has been actively trying to electrification of vehicles in India, but honestly, they will never succeed. They just don't understand EVs enough to pull it off. Its almost impossible to build a cheap EV if you are going to source every component from the foreign soil. All...
August 02, 2016 07:05 am by Tim Lavis - Business Coach
A great business strategy is needed to keep up with the market. Too many businesses these days aren't flexible and nimble to the market.
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