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Image: Shutterstock Big Data and Analytics are buzzwords and hot in the corporate world. Every enterprise worth its salt has embarked on a journey to capitalise on the digitisation and …
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Mobile apps have given commuters and drivers something to smile about
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Processes should not end up affecting productivity and stifling creativity
While talks of ‘eTailers’ being the end of brick and mortar retailers is doing the rounds, on-ground reality tells a different story
Image: Shutterstock In today’s business environment, collaboration, partnerships, sourcing and outsourcing are inevitable. These partnerships eventually form the operational backbone, the supply chain of an enterprise. Managing suppliers well, whether …
Five change drivers that will shape its growth over the next decade
They have changed the way we shop, look after our health and make payments. And this is just the beginning
Staffers can be empowered by fostering a data-driven culture and building a learning environment
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What does it take to manage a global team in today’s dynamic and changing work environment?
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May 22, 2015 13:31 pm by Rahul
I live on 14 th floor, my parking is in second level of basement. there is no power socket, and i am sure that except for that of the light bulbs there were no connection of power there. If and E2O is with me and to charge it for 5 hours or even 1 hour fast charge i will regularly have to go to a n...
May 21, 2015 18:12 pm by Varun
Insightful for aspirants who are looking to get into analytics and big data.
May 20, 2015 11:47 am by Prof Principal G S CHHATWAL
Onkar Singh ji Keep it up SIR.I am proud of you. GS CHHATWAL MSC MIIB MABA MIAA MGRC(USA)
May 20, 2015 09:32 am by Radhika
Great article, am excited to see how the evolving on demand economy will make positive changes in our everyday lives.
May 19, 2015 02:24 am by Doug Laney (@Doug_Laney)
Solid advice, and great to see others finally recognizing Gartner's "Vs" of Big Data, (albeit 15 years after we first introduced them and without attribution.) For my original piece first introducing the "Vs" see Also note that Veracity is not a definitional characteristic of Bi...
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