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Meeta Sengupta
Here’s why the tutoring sector deserves kudos for promoting single-minded focus on its goals and accessible economic growth
With an influx of bevy of software processes and technologies, the entire business process management (BPM) will witness a revolution in the near future
Cuckoo Paul
with a hefty capitalisation amount and an alliance between Tata group and Singapore Airlines, Vistara has cutting edge advantage over other domestic airlines. Only time will tell, if this new entrepreneurial gamble pays off
Before understanding more about the smart city components, it is essential for us to identify some of the key problems faced by citizens in the Indian landscape
Mature players provide global solutions to clients using sophisticated solution models
Sanjeev Gupta
Family counseling experts, divorce order lawyers and social scientists should serve in Boardrooms and less of accountants, financial engineers and human resource folks
Baba Prasad
Alisdair MacIntyre, the philosopher, called humans “story-telling animals”. Tom Kelley of IDEO wrote, “The Storyteller captures our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation. This person goes …
Their work ethic should be an example for the rest of India
From roping in an effective leader to simple things like having a strong transition team to deal with change matter
Peter Griffin
India's gender gap, compared to the best and the worst in the world
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January 27, 2015 14:52 pm by D P Chakravorty
Very comprehensive write-up Ram. Good analogy and flow.
January 27, 2015 13:49 pm by Nagendra Shivarajegowda
Dear Ramachandran, I was part of Gurucool and I read your article. Thanks for the valuable information !
January 23, 2015 10:03 am by ravi mistry
Man,.... Change the name of chevy trax to chevy TROY and launch it in the market. No need to advertise. ( its a kind of ad.) "Left hand drive pan chalshe, bapu"
January 23, 2015 09:45 am by ravi mistry
I m a chevy owner since last three years. Let's talk good about chevy beat which is My first car and on which i learned my four wheel driving skills. 3 years back , beat was a modern car and had a good design features then other prevailing cars. Beat LT had a climate control too. GM 's dark h...
January 21, 2015 23:27 pm by Anurag Lahoti
Great Article, Robotics is truly the need of the hour as an incremental source of value for BPO providers. Software Robots in BPO, as fascinating as it sounds, their ability to scale, quick adaption of changes in processes, generating cognitive analysis and executing tasks with unprecedented level...
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