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Sanjeev Gupta
Lack of accurate information about Ebola virus and its treatment creating doubts; time to act before a disease turns into an epidemic
Choosing an issue may seem like a daunting task, but firms must think of areas where the capital can best be used to find solutions to the problem
Cuckoo Paul
After picking up 24% in Jet Airways, Hogan is close to buying 49% of Alitalia. Detailing out a three year blueprint to turnaround Jet Airways he said the domestic operations were the major challenge and would need the most change
Sanjeev Gupta
“100%, yes I am telling you…100%. The deal is ours. 100%!” The guy sitting next to me in a Dubai-bound Emirates flight from Lagos barks on the phone, much to …
Shabana Hussain
The industry went through a cash crunch, which led to delay in several projects. Aggrieved buyers formed online buyer forums on Yahoo and Google groups, to put up a united fight against builders. Surf the net for real estate projects in the NCR and chances are you will find a buyer forum for almost every prominent real estate project
Prince Thomas
SnapDeal founder Kunal Bahl admits that it will be impossible to match Alibaba's $248 billion volume. Size of the local economy matters and India is still has a long way to go before it can catch up to its Asian peer. But that won't be the only reason
Sourav Majumdar
Inflation will remain elevated and RBI’s stance will remain hawkish in the immediate context; growth will improve to 6.5% by FY16, says Goldman Sachs
Sanjeev Gupta
Every morning in the African bush there wakes a gazelle, looks at the morning sun and thinks, “How am I going to outrun the fastest lion?” That same morning rises …
Sourav Majumdar
Inflation and industrial output trends mean the economy will count on RBI to maintain stability
Cuckoo Paul
Indian carriers say lowering fares any more is impossible. We’ve been hearing this for a long time. Earlier it was only Jet Airways and Indian Airlines that said it, they are now joined by IndiGo
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August 18, 2014 21:57 pm by chitragupta
This is the situation everywhere among the poverty stricken people.Their priority naturally is food n shelter n the struggle to servive,hence live or rather merely exist in unhygenic condition.Sanjeevs perception of the situation n the remedies are worthy of sincere effort to first pay heed to the...
August 18, 2014 17:49 pm by Rajesh Tiwari
Fully agree with you... This will be lesson for those who tries to earn money through wrong way.
August 16, 2014 05:46 am by Hiteshi Dutta
Sanjeev , Bottom of the pyramid always looked lucrative but the point is how many of us (entrepreneurs) actually made use of this abundance by concentrating on low margins but big market . Marketing guru C.K. Prahalad rightly gave us the theory but now is time when Entrepreneurs (Start ups) should m...
August 14, 2014 15:09 pm by prakash
I have been using spark since 7 years i am confused why such a good car decline in the market. I think it failed to reach customer and showroom are also less when compared to maruthi use stratagies like icici
August 13, 2014 20:34 pm by r venkat
good article. nice analysis. dear prerana good attempt. ramani anna
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