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Luis Miranda
Without a crisis, big bang reform is unlikely in India and policy change involves a lot of back room influencing are some lessons learnt from the past quarter of a century
Luis Miranda
The basic purpose for a PPP is to offer a superior service to the consumer. And it does not mean at a lower cost
Luis Miranda
Poverty, and not economic inequality, is the biggest challenge of our time
Luis Miranda
It is important to spot stocks in your portfolio that have probably reached their peak valuation and make a timely exit
Luis Miranda
A mentor is someone you can go to for advice, to let off steam and, often, to be told hard truths
Luis Miranda
Enlightened leadership, backed by superior execution can create world-class infrastructure, including great road connectivity
Luis Miranda
Every large business house wanted him as an advisor. Mr Jhaveri was always keen on helping entrepreneurs grow, especially if they were young
Luis Miranda
Go ahead, and make yourself redundant at work… instead of worrying that you will be fired, you will find that the world will throw up a host of new opportunities for you, either at your current job or at a new place
Luis Miranda
Focus, especially when it comes to sanitation, has been on building infrastructure. Not much is being done to get people to use that
Luis Miranda
Image: Shutterstock I recently spoke at an event that focused on CSR in Education. It was a well run event, with some amazing discussions organized by Educational Initiatives (EI) and …
Ramblings of an Accidental Investor

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January 26, 2016 20:28 pm by Shirish Navlekar
Quite a few points bang on target, especially the spooked lot in public servants (sorry) who just don't want to take any decision for fear of CAG, CBI and the works. I keep attending the infra forums, although at a much lesser frequency as there is nothing new coming up in discussions and forums. Cl...
January 22, 2016 18:43 pm by Luis
Thanks, Jinal. That's why the comments on attitudes and trust are important features of this report.
January 22, 2016 18:41 pm by Luis
Thanks, Bala. That's why I liked the report. Instead of looking at bandaid solutions for particular issues / sectors (which are also important in the short term) it addressed a basic challenge in PPPs which doesn't get talked about much.
January 21, 2016 11:48 am by balasubramanian
I agree Louis. Attitude towards PPP is critical for success. As long as PPP is viewed as selling family silver and as a "concession" bestowed by the the government on the private secto,r distrust and uneven power play would prevail vitiating partnership aspect of PPP. Making excessive profits by the...
January 21, 2016 10:20 am by Jinal
You raise extremely important and pertinent points, Luis. It struck me that the reality of mistrust really apply to all our sectors : agri where there is this mistrust of the private enterprise for govt contracts, health care where private players find it hard to scale ops even after successfully...
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