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Luis Miranda
The case of airbag costs vs passenger safety
Luis Miranda
Continuous supply of electricity for all is possible if the government takes small but significant steps
Luis Miranda
Why is Kailash a stranger in his own land? Maybe because there are so many Kailashes here who are battling exploitation in India
Luis Miranda
Economic freedom is probably the route to bring larger sections of the population out of poverty
Luis Miranda
Talks may not always yield favourable results, but they ensure that other stuff continues and that there is no bad blood
Luis Miranda
Quite often, we frame laws and rules to achieve a certain social objective. But in reality, nothing changes. That’s because there is no intent
Luis Miranda
Is it better to have state-run pot-holed roads, or have swish six-lane highways that charge a toll that becomes unaffordable to some?
Luis Miranda
From public policy to our homes, this lack of trust is hurting everything
Luis Miranda
Unfortunately after 60 years of independence we are still brainwashing our students that socialist policies will get our country out of poverty
Luis Miranda
Sometimes what we are looking for is staring back at us – we only need to know how to look
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December 15, 2014 17:53 pm by Raj Singh
Dear Pankaj, I am operating a budget school in a remote village of Bihar. I am a professional and ventured out to education to contribute my part to my village few years back after quitting premium job in Tata power. Since then tirelessly working to create quality educational institution. Howeve...
December 14, 2014 06:25 am by Luis Miranda
Tejas, thanks. Unfortunately, the auto industry is not different from most other industries where, unless the penalties are very high, customer safety is ignored. The 'Pinto Memo' took this argument to an extreme ... And ths was in the US, not India, albeit one generation back.
December 14, 2014 06:17 am by Luis Miranda
Anirban, thanks for pointing this out. Yes, a car is safer than a scooter. But it can also give a false sense of security, especially at faster speeds during non-peak hours. The point I was making is that we sometimes miss the wood from the trees - should the focus be on profits or safety? Where is ...
December 12, 2014 16:33 pm by Tejas
I agree with you 100 %. Since long the auto industry has closed its eyes and mind for its sales targets. Even the fuel emission control to Euro 4 etc was implemented because of the push of government. Citing costs is a hogwash. The air bags cost claim (Rs 70000) etc is just to deceive the public. ...
December 08, 2014 17:33 pm by Anirban Ghosh
Safety of vehicles must be enhanced. However I must add that Mr. Bhargava has been partially quoted. It is a fact that small cars with more safety features will be more expensive. Mr. Bhargava fears that this will make more Indians buy two-wheelers instead of small cars. Two-wheelers are more accide...
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