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Luis Miranda
Is it better to have state-run pot-holed roads, or have swish six-lane highways that charge a toll that becomes unaffordable to some?
Luis Miranda
From public policy to our homes, this lack of trust is hurting everything
Luis Miranda
Unfortunately after 60 years of independence we are still brainwashing our students that socialist policies will get our country out of poverty
Luis Miranda
Sometimes what we are looking for is staring back at us – we only need to know how to look
Luis Miranda
Move from a private school to a government school doesn’t necessarily assure the child a better education, as inferred by Professor Karthik Muralidharan’s research
Luis Miranda
Most companies do not want to bear the cost of training because of high staff turnover and because customers don’t run away just because of poor service
Luis Miranda
We need a little faith, and perhaps a Pied Piper
Luis Miranda
By having more banks being set up (which are mandated to focus on inclusion) we will have more competition and that will force better pricing and services to customers
Luis Miranda
Unless we find ways of tweaking safety nets we will continue to see a shortage of labour which will impact projects and businesses across the country
Luis Miranda
I believe that we have moved full circle and the time is back to do deals in infrastructure - backing passionate developers (if they still exist) who want to build world-class infrastructure.
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April 13, 2014 22:51 pm by Daljit S. Kochhar
Hey Luis, Both the airport line and the parking are fantastic. Their limited use does not stem from the sophistication of the Delhi folks. It has to do with the (a) lack of awareness/ marketing spread by the corporations running them and (b) cardinal sin of setting up a Taj Mahal for a gazillion...
April 11, 2014 23:06 pm by Luis
Hope we will see more of such good infra across India ...
April 11, 2014 11:40 am by Saurov
Much appreciate your reply. There are is so much to talk about India's Infra (endless). A desert city like Dubai have pavements with gardens, & SriLanka has proper defined marks on roads, Bhutan & Vietnam have a clean look (deliberate examples taken). Some majors we will be tracking are the DMRC (7 ...
April 10, 2014 20:36 pm by Luis
Vimala, this discrimination against private schools is sad. And the job of being a teacher got so much tougher because of the no-hold-back policy. I look forward to catching up when next in Delhi. Would be great to know more about your work.
April 10, 2014 19:57 pm by Ramesh Subramaniam
Glad to learn about these developments in Delhi.. as you say, if DLF and NDMC can build better awareness then usage will pick up
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