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Luis Miranda
Quite often, we frame laws and rules to achieve a certain social objective. But in reality, nothing changes. That’s because there is no intent
Luis Miranda
Is it better to have state-run pot-holed roads, or have swish six-lane highways that charge a toll that becomes unaffordable to some?
Luis Miranda
From public policy to our homes, this lack of trust is hurting everything
Luis Miranda
Unfortunately after 60 years of independence we are still brainwashing our students that socialist policies will get our country out of poverty
Luis Miranda
Sometimes what we are looking for is staring back at us – we only need to know how to look
Luis Miranda
Move from a private school to a government school doesn’t necessarily assure the child a better education, as inferred by Professor Karthik Muralidharan’s research
Luis Miranda
Most companies do not want to bear the cost of training because of high staff turnover and because customers don’t run away just because of poor service
Luis Miranda
We need a little faith, and perhaps a Pied Piper
Luis Miranda
By having more banks being set up (which are mandated to focus on inclusion) we will have more competition and that will force better pricing and services to customers
Luis Miranda
Unless we find ways of tweaking safety nets we will continue to see a shortage of labour which will impact projects and businesses across the country
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August 08, 2014 14:57 pm by Uday
Both the examples are taken from Delhi which is not representative of India. In cities like Mumbai or Bangalore, people are willing to pay but not much is being offered. It is incorrect to say people of India are unwilling to pay for good infrastructure, just that a few wish to have free lunch all t...
July 30, 2014 03:55 am by Luis
Linus, agree ... change has to start with each of us ... Gandhi had said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."
July 29, 2014 23:53 pm by Linus Farias
My belief is that a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai can affect fundamental change such as this ONLY when each person takes a least one step to change the life of themselves and one neighbour (mother, sister, daughter, father, brother, son or stranger) in a small way. It can start with the following q...
July 26, 2014 22:04 pm by Luis
Yes, I also read that article shortly after my blog went live. The statistic on the child mortality rates between Hindus and Muslims is interesting.
July 23, 2014 11:43 am by Luis
Bala, thanks. But that would put lawyers out of work!
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