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Luis Miranda
Every large business house wanted him as an advisor. Mr Jhaveri was always keen on helping entrepreneurs grow, especially if they were young
Luis Miranda
Go ahead, and make yourself redundant at work… instead of worrying that you will be fired, you will find that the world will throw up a host of new opportunities for you, either at your current job or at a new place
Luis Miranda
Focus, especially when it comes to sanitation, has been on building infrastructure. Not much is being done to get people to use that
Luis Miranda
Image: Shutterstock I recently spoke at an event that focused on CSR in Education. It was a well run event, with some amazing discussions organized by Educational Initiatives (EI) and …
Luis Miranda
By not being able to delegate, the boss becomes the bottleneck and slows down decisionmaking
Luis Miranda
There is a need to invest in the generation of ideas and encourage the proper use of data in decision-making for India to have a strong and thriving democracy
Luis Miranda
Who decides what is right? Sometimes, it is all grey
Luis Miranda
The case of airbag costs vs passenger safety
Luis Miranda
Continuous supply of electricity for all is possible if the government takes small but significant steps
Luis Miranda
Why is Kailash a stranger in his own land? Maybe because there are so many Kailashes here who are battling exploitation in India
Ramblings of an Accidental Investor

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June 10, 2015 16:23 pm by Luis
Vikram, thanks. He treated everyone the same. Which is why he was loved by all.
June 10, 2015 16:22 pm by Luis
Gordon, thanks for the comments.
June 10, 2015 16:21 pm by Luis
Noreen, yes, a lot of people will miss him.
June 10, 2015 16:20 pm by Luis
Thanks, Darius.
June 09, 2015 18:35 pm by Darius Pandole
Luis. Excellent article. A richly deserved tribute to Mr. Jhaveri. Many of us were fortunate to benefit from his wisdom and advice. May he rest in peace. Darius
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