Podcast: Shah Rukh Khan - I Equated Failure With Poverty

An extract of our conversation with Shah Rukh Khan and three things about him that struck us (Podcast edited by Ashish K Mishra) (Podcast produced in association with
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Comments (9)
Abdulla Oct 16, 2014
This guy really rocks!

He comes from an impoverished background, loses his parents early, gets into an inter caste love affair and marries the girl he loved before acrobating into the world of entertainment.

He had neither stunning looks nor a god father to assist in this extremely difficult world. And still he not only survived but kept himself to the top for endless years. A truly inspiring person and a great role model, indeed!!
David Dec 14, 2013
Simple ... wtever world thinks just his reaction would be u may love me or hate me but u cant ignore me.....
Sunetra Tandon Sep 12, 2013
1. You waited 5 hours for Shah Rukh Khan?
Well. That's Indian tardiness for you. How very professional!

2. "He thinks big" / "To be on top of the world" etc.
Really? Why not open schools? Why open Kidzania?
Top of the world mindset ... why not 'with the world' mindset.

3. "Extremely scared of failure"
Failure is not equal to poverty.
And Mr. SRK is now being a poster child for the 'bigness',
that consumerism is selling as a dream and goad for
the middle class.

But why are we not surprised?
What better mascot to sell outdated Capitalist ethos,
to a starving nation of 1.3 billion ... than SRK.
And if he can be roped in by Forbes ...
The self proclaimed Capitalist Tool ...
So much the better! Master coup that one.
Response to Sunetra Tandon:
Kaustubh Patkar Nov 8, 2013
what really make you think about him so much...?
why you hate him so much....
of course topic is of debate but i choose the simplified way..
plz do answer my above given question...
god bless
Muhammad Wajahat Waheed Aug 3, 2013
Yar! He is the Real Man Of World, I belong to the same city i-e:- PESHAWAR(PAKISTAN) From Where SHAHRUKH KHAN is...
NO one can take the place of SRK,NOt even Salman...
Bhupen May 29, 2013
i like the he has shown others how to lead a successful life out of nowhere....he is a role model
Tapas Paul Feb 26, 2013
Shah Rukh Khan is the world best man
Shubh Feb 11, 2013
i like srk as gud humanbeing he is role model of my life he have very deep knowledge abt life n its point of view
Tiera Baz Feb 8, 2013
HI i must say good speech nice talk with shahrukh khan based on his career past, present and future. Personally i feel and think that shahrukh khan has succeded well in life after hearing what he went through in life after missing his parent's. He has set an example to the world. Well done to you srk and keep the goog spirit going
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