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Shah Rukh Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity 100 List

A ranking of the most powerful people at the core of the country’s burgeoning media and entertainment sector
Shah Rukh Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity 100 List


hah Rukh Khan has topped the inaugural Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, a ranking of India’s biggest entertainers based on their income and popularity. Salman Khan and MS Dhoni closely followed SRK in the ranking.  

Forbes India’s special edition decodes what lies behind the success of India’s biggest creative entrepreneurs across eight categories: Film actors, directors, sport stars, TV personalities, singers/musicians, authors, models and comedians.   

Both Salman Khan and Dhoni are ahead of SRK in terms of popularity and fame, but King Khan came out tops courtesy his earning power, mainly riding on massive income from brand endorsements.  

By Forbes India estimates, SRK earned Rs 202.8 crore, compared to Salman’s Rs 144.2 crore and Dhoni’s Rs 135.16 crore in the period between October 2011 and September 2012.   

Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Kareena Kapoor, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli and Katrina Kaif are the others in the top 10.  


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The list is an attempt to rank the most powerful people at the core of the country’s burgeoning media and entertainment sector. It was arrived at after a rigorous data collection process that considered celebrities’ income (from the business of entertainment) and fame (as measured by media mentions, online presence and social media followers) in a definite time period (October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012). 

MS Dhoni, captain of the Indian national cricket team, is the top sportsperson. AR Rahman leads the pack of singer/musicians and is the only representative of the category in the top 20. Malaika Arora Khan is the leading TV personality while Karan Johar is the most powerful director. Author Chetan Bhagat, comedian Vir Das and model Esha Gupta topped their respective categories.

A majority of celebrities who made it to the list fall in the age bracket of 30 to 50. However, 12 youngsters, including Saina Nehwal, Virat Kohli, Anusukha Sharma and Sania Mirza have broken into the top 50. At age 23, Saina Nehwal is the youngest celebrity on the list.

Image: Getty Images
Youngest in the Forbes India Celebrity List

The Forbes India Celebrity 100 special edition has features, essays, interviews and interesting data on the various facets of India’s most powerful entertainment icons. It contains extensive and insightful reports on the lives, thought processes and businesses of some these stars. The cover story brings to you the business vision and entrepreneurial side of the Badshah of Bollywood—something that you won’t read about often.  

The edition hits stands on January 26. Go grab your copy!

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Comments (55)
Vikram Jan 1, 2016
I love u srk
Tajammul Oct 7, 2015
i love u srk
Harsh Jun 27, 2015
a self made and unbeatable super star
Shahnawaz Apr 16, 2015
srk no 1 the legend of indian cinema
Humam Khan Jul 29, 2014
no one can beat srk.srk is great I LOVE YOU SRK
Prithak Shrestha May 23, 2014
luv u srk
Vivek Nov 8, 2013
Yo my fav.. first
Afzal Nov 2, 2013
King khan is self made ruling no1 position from two decades
Sk Nasib Ali Oct 23, 2013
Gulzar Oct 19, 2013
All Wold popular men king khan (srk)
Smitadesai Sep 22, 2013
Salman khan is No. 1 today in Bollywood and everyone know about it.
Response to Smitadesai:
Jason Dec 7, 2013
Ha ha ha salman khan in what ways In no 1 position smita desai its a biggest joke does salman khan know acting has he done any superhit movie which is not a remake is salman khan a good human being is he married does he have a family to love or to be loved. Is he popular outside india even some part of interior tamil nadu and kerala sakman khan is not known in which way do u say he is no 1.... make a million dollar statement which is truw....
Smitadesai Sep 22, 2013
Now salman khan's net worth is more than any other Khan, I think.
Response to Smitadesai:
John Oct 27, 2013
What a joke?
Response to Smitadesai:
Jackson Nov 14, 2013
Salman's networth is 200 Million USD, and The King Khan's net worth is whopping 600 Million USD. He is the richest actor in the world. Richer than the names like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Johnny Depp and all.
Krishna Sep 21, 2013
We thought that Forbes is the best magazine of all. But after seen the list I understood that it is not. Shah rukh doesn't deserve to be no.1, but our superstar Rajnikanth only deserve it.
Kapil Sep 2, 2013
king is back
Faisal Salih Detho From Pakistan Sep 1, 2013
My always best hero shahrukh khan and I am beg fan of mr. Shahrukh khan may god bless in every field of success.
Manish Kumar Aug 8, 2013
SRK is the king of bollywood
David Jul 10, 2013
Super Star Rajini is Second Highest Paid Actor in Asia. No.1 Actor in India...Even His last movie ROBOT (Enthiran) Breaking Record in All the time No.1 BOX OFFICE collection compare than all the bollywood movies.I am really shocked after seen this list.... There is no SUPER STAR RAJINI name in TOP 3 list......His only actor two time Entertainer Award winner of NDTV. Soo please change the list...
Sunny Bansode Jul 4, 2013
Nice to see SRK there. In india, it's really hard to compare salman, dhoni and him. But in world platform srk have beaten even hollywood stars. I think rajnikanth must have to be in top ten.
David May 26, 2013
where is Super Star in the list.... we are not accepted in the list.... Thalaivar Super Star is number one personality in entire south india....Rajini and Sachin both r suitable person in No;1 position..... All south indian people are never accpet in this list........pls change the list.....
Sharik Khan May 19, 2013
yes!!!!!! srk ,king khan ,shahrukh khan .he deserves to acquire no 1 position
he is great , awesome .
Yash May 15, 2013
How can you rank Shah Rukh Khan as third on fame ranking?
He has more fans than any other film star on the planet.
According to a survey conducted by BBC, his fan following is 3.2 billion which is higher than any other star. He is followed by Tom Cruise at 2.7 billion.
Response to Yash:
Smitadesai Oct 27, 2013
Salman khan in Facebook most popular and most popular on net
Hera Apr 23, 2013
I thought Amir Khan will top this list simply bcoz he is pefect in every thing and followed by Big B ..
Rolls Apr 3, 2013
salman khan and m.s dhoni is not even near to the popularity and fame around the globe to that of Shahrukh khan. SRK is way more popular than anyone in the list. so you can't say "salman and dhoni are ahead of SRK in terms of popularity and fame".
Response to Rolls:
Azim Apr 6, 2013
I m fully agree with u..SRK is the one of the most popular actor on earth.SALMAN n Dhoni is so so so far behind him.SHAHRUKH is the only who deserve the no.1 position
Celebrity Net Worth Feb 12, 2013
View the Net Worth of Celebrities, Athletes, Rappers and other Famous Movie Stars. World
Hamada Feb 4, 2013
Sorry but Salman Khan is better than Shah Rukh
Response to Hamada:
Raj Feb 5, 2013
Why Cant you just agree...SRK is the best and the Forbes list is based of facts and truths!!
Response to Hamada:
Yash Patel Feb 6, 2013
Shah Rukh is best.... because Salman Doesn't have any good thing without his "Rickshawala" Fan Following....
No Acting , No Dancing , No Dialouge Delivery nd he doesn't have Stunning Personality....
Faisal Ahmad Jan 29, 2013
srk at top is the perfect choice.
Ravi Jan 28, 2013
Rank#1 is cent-percent justified....doubt the other faces!!!!
Laxmi Prasad Jan 28, 2013
Most powerful celebreties? Uh....Crap list... I am not sure if Popularity Voting is analyzed before compiling .... We dont have Rajani/Kamal Hassan... We do not have singers... but we have the youngest sports woman listed...
Response to Laxmi Prasad:
Rahul Jan 30, 2013
- Do you really think Rajni earns that much? Do you really think ppl care about him beyond TN. He is the butt of most jokes in this country.
Response to Rahul:
Laxmi Prasad Jan 31, 2013
popularity comes not just by money, handsome face or heroic body - popularity comes by how people love one.... The ranking cannot be discriminatory based on how much one earns but by how many winning hearts the celebrity has... This said, I do not have any disrespect for the others who are in list... and if you read my message, I wrote that the list ignored likes of Rajani/Kamal....singers etc... I have not regionalized...How muany rural people know one young sports person in the billion population that we have? Why we should talk about TN or Mumbai... In democracy people should vote to choose their top celebrities...and that is the message I have given... In democracy, otherwise it is a crap list for me...
Response to Rahul:
Krishna Sep 21, 2013
Hey rahul u think rajni is not beyond tn, but that's ur mistake.. he is box office star in japan UK USA etc. he done many things that or kingkhan do.. even shahrukh did a tribute to rajni by lungi dance.
G Jan 26, 2013
Is Superstar Rajinikanth name missing?

I assume that he is not considered in this competition since our thalaivar is above all these people!

Obviously he is the top!
Bichu Jan 26, 2013
its so amazing that cricket stars and film stars are dominating the list... that too there is no Rejnikanth, Kamalahasan, Mammootty and Mohan lal... people will laugh at this list...
Sweetie Jan 26, 2013
WTH???Where is super star's name?I deny it.Rajnikanth should be in top 10!! No offence to other fans...
Haseeb Jan 26, 2013
Shahrukh Khan the game ullu Khan top that..Srk rules India
S.abbasi Jan 26, 2013
Don ka dabdaba to har jagah rahta hai....
Aly Merchant Jan 26, 2013
Where r salman fans gone now......srk rox
Suresh Jan 25, 2013
thats king power
Anant Jan 25, 2013
after all the king is king
Chand Khan Jan 25, 2013
Srk rock chak de
Shakoor Jan 25, 2013
SRK is KING OF BOLLYWOOD! was on top in 93 and is on top in 2013 - unlike other competing actors who come and go!
Dayem Jan 25, 2013
Salman khan deservse the no.1 spot.
Pratik Jan 25, 2013
Shah Rukh Khan Rocks !!! East or West SRK is the best !!!
Amritraj Jan 25, 2013
srk is really great
Zakir Jan 25, 2013
It should'nt surprise us at all... this guy has done big in spite of many odds... SRK is the king of romance even acknowledged by his rivals...
Rocking Dev Jan 24, 2013
SRK is the king of bollywood
Response to Rocking Dev:
Manish Kumar Aug 8, 2013
SRK is the king of bollywood
Belynda C. Cunningham Jan 24, 2013
Hi! How can I get this magazine in America? I REALLY want to subscribe, but I don't know how to go about it. I would love to have a copy of this issue! Thanks...:)
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